Why is everyone talking about Masterminds? It’s certainly a hot topic in the business world, but are they worth the hype? We are so excited to talk about Masterminds with you today because they are such a powerful tool to help you reach all of your business goals. Masterminds offer a level of practicality and structure that is sometimes more difficult to get on your own. We all know our minds tend to wander and our goals slip out of focus. Joining a Mastermind can help you combat that. 

“Joining a Mastermind is one step towards getting your Biz Bestie!”

    Today, we want to break down why we think Masterminds are worth your time. We also want to help you get the most out of a Mastermind, so we’ll show you the types of groups you should be looking for.  As a bonus, we’ll throw in our own experiences with Mastermind groups to show you just how effective they can be. Are you ready to gain perspective, get realistic about your goals, and set your grand plans in motion? We sure are! Listen in to get started. 

Show Highlights:

  • What actually is a Mastermind, and how is that different from a meet-up or group event?

  • Commitment and participation are essential for a Mastermind.

  • We share our important Mastermind criteria.

  • Getting in the “Hot Seat” to really tackle business problems.

  • We get into the details of our own business goals.

  • Seek out a Mastermind that is right for you and where you respect their opinion.

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