Today, we wanted to break down a relationship dynamic that has some people scratching their heads, and other cracking open their calendars. What is a mentor, anyway? The Mythical Mentor feels like that older, more experienced source of wisdom to solve all of our business woes. Ideally, a mentor would be a person who freely gives of their time to help a young up-and-comer launch into a new endeavor. Wouldn’t it be great if the world was filled with mentors? 

    For so many of us, the classic mentor hasn’t shown up or turned out to be what we thought it could be. While some businesses have a mentor program built into their training DNA, for many it can be difficult to track down a mentor in their corner of the market. Today, we wanted to take a moment to really think about what a mentor really does, and then find ways to draw that inspiration from the people around us. In addition to mentorship, we discuss how coaching has taken up the mantle of mentorship, and if the two are truly the same thing. Mentorship is a wonderful resource for businesspeople new and experienced. It’s time to pull on your resources and cultivate a relationship. Take it from your Biz Besties!

“It’s all about cultivating the relationship. It takes time!”

Show Highlights:

  • We discuss our idea of what a mentor could be.

  • What’s the difference between a mentor and a coach?

  • Can you have a mentor that you’ve never met?

  • We share our mentor inspirations!

  • Breaking down common setbacks to finding a mentor.

  • Know your expectations while exploring mentorship.

  • The case for apprenticeship.

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