You are the CEO of your own Business Empire, but does that feel a little isolating? Are you struggling to connect with others about the unique struggles of running your own business? Maybe your partner is supportive, but just doesn’t understand where you are coming from? Sounds like you need a Biz Bestie! We are Maelisa Hall and Amber Hawley, two Biz Besties on a mission to help you connect with like-minded women.

They are two ENFPs with ADHD ready to share the ups and downs of business with the world. This first episode is all about who we are, why we think having a Biz Bestie is valuable, and what you can do to cultivate your professional friendships. Are you ready to expand your support system, grow your business, and enrich your life? Then join us as we begin the first season of My Biz Bestie!

More from this episode:

    •       Amber shares her business ventures as an LMFT, and multiple business owner

    •       Maelisa’s business helping professionals through online courses and leadership coaching 

    •       Fun facts about your hosts!

    •       Our friendship story

    •       Why you might need a Biz Bestie

    •       The struggles of needing a support system, and then not finding them

    •       We want to help women connect to people in their lives to help their business

    •       You have to find the right people