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In this episode, Amber Hawley and Dr. Liz Slonena delve into the fascinating world of mindful hypnosis and retreats tailored for entrepreneurs with ADHD. They explore the neuroscience behind creativity, stress management, and hypnosis, and discuss authentic ways to overcome common entrepreneurial hurdles like perfectionism and fear of rejection. This enriching discussion offers valuable insights and practical strategies, especially highlighting the upcoming GSD retreat where Dr. Liz will be our resident flow facilitator and her approach to using alter egos for enhanced performance.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Utilizing mindful hypnosis to enhance focus, creativity, and productivity.
  • Overcoming perfectionism and fear of rejection through authenticity and mindful practices.
  • The benefits of retreats specifically designed for neurodivergent entrepreneurs.
  • Developing an alter ego to improve confidence and manage social media interactions.
  • The neurological foundations of creativity and the therapeutic effects of clinical hypnosis

About Dr. Liz Slonena

Dr. Liz Slonena (slow-nih-nah) is an ADHD psychologist, speaker, and business consultant located in Asheville, NC. She empowers perfectionistic business owners to overcome doubt and banish burnout with mindful hypnosis so that they can stress less and live more while earning more. 

Dr. Liz is the co-creator of Brief Mindful Hypnosis, a science-backed way to rapidly overcome stress to help you feel more calm, creative, and confident in 7 days. Her transformative meditations have been featured on YouTube, Aura, InsightTimer, BetterSleep, Thrive360, and Mooditude.

You can learn more on Dr. Liz’s website, follow her on Instagram, and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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Key Moments In This Episode:

00:00 Therapist entrepreneur coaches business owners for success.

04:52 Experience with hypnosis leads to unique perspectives.

09:31 Interest in self-hypnosis and discomfort with performance.

10:36 Connection to energy healing through visualization experiences.

15:22 Therapy voice, power pose shift perception.

20:15 Embracing calming techniques for centering and relaxation.

22:45 Controversial NLP like hypnosis for selling persuasion.

25:58 Interest in mindful hypnosis for neurospicy health.

28:26 ADHD brain feels like swirling puppies, overthinking.

30:41 Embracing neurodiversity; strengths, challenges, and creativity.

36:16 Overcoming fear and wearing a new persona.

39:54 Met through social media, admired confidence and balance.

42:45 Validating permission to embrace authentic, quirky selves.

46:50 Building confidence through repeated affirmation and experiences.

48:38 Finding growth and success despite challenges faced.

53:26 Join the May GSD retreat in Asheville.

54:24 Encouraging creativity and focus through experimentation.



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