The Meyers Briggs personality types can be insanely complicated to understand but Maelisa and Amber are here to break it down for you. They will dive deep and go beyond the letters to show you how the personality test really works. Not only will they simplify this famous personality test, but show you why understanding yourself better makes you a better business owner and leader for your team. Listen to this episode (and check out the unedited video on their YouTube channel!) to dive deep and hear how the Myers Briggs can make you a better business owner and communicator. 

What are the Myers Briggs personality types?

The Myers Briggs assessment is based on the 16 personality types created by Carl Jung. Briggs and Myers made this into an actual test. Basically, when you take the test you get assigned a combination of 4 letters. There are 16 personality options that people can have. These are the different combinations you can have:

  1. E or I. These stand for extroverted vs. introverted. This letter describes how you recharge your energy.

  2. N or S. These mean intuition vs. sensing. This describes how you take in information.

  3. T or F. Which is for thinking or feeling. This is how you process information.

  4. J or P. These are for judging or perceiving. This is how do you implement information or how you make decisions.


How can the Myers Briggs describe you

You may have heard people talking about their specific letter combinations. Maelisa and Amber are both ENFP’s. Understanding what these letters mean and how they fit into the equation can really help you get a better grasp of who you are as well as those around you. The middle 2 letters are the most important as they describe how you take in and process information and interact with the outside world. Letters 1 and 4 tell you how those letters in the middle interact. Ask your team and your partner to take the Myers Briggs quiz. 

The Myers Briggs can help you communicate better

Once you learn a bit about the Myers Briggs you can better understand how you interact with others as well as how you are when you’re alone. You’ll understand how you make decisions and how you take in information. The way you take in information is probably different than your partner’s. If you don’t understand how you communicate with others it can cause conflict between you and your partner, your team, your business associates, or even your clients. Use the Myers Briggs as a framework to create a starting place to open conversation. 

How can knowing your Myers Briggs personality type help you with conflict?

We can all benefit from a bit of self-reflection. Meditation is a tool that can help all personality types but extroverts also need that extra connection with people. The better you know yourself the better you’ll know who and what triggers you. You can consider your style of communication and what is causing you distress. Knowing how all of these things play together can help you from feeling frustrated, left out, or misunderstood. Listen to this episode to hear Maelisa’s in-depth analysis of the Myers Briggs so that you can better understand yourself and the people around you. 

In this episode…

  • [4:12] We’re taking a deep dive into the Myers Briggs

  • [9:11] What is the Myers Briggs?

  • [16:14] The Myers Briggs can help you communicate with those around you

  • [28:32] How does an ENFP work?

  • [39:11] What about an ENFJ?

  • [46:01] We can all benefit from self-reflection

  • [52:30] How can knowing your Myers Briggs help with conflict?

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