Does the thought of creating content for your social media account sound overwhelming? I hear that all the time, entrepreneurs feel that pressure to do all the things but they struggle with social media. Our special guest, Andréa Jones, is a Social Media Strategist who helps her clients with everything from do-it-yourself (DIY) to done-for-you (DFY). Andréa demonstrates many ways that social media can be a business tool and really awesome tips for getting onto social media.

 Andréa discusses how finding a place on social media to help you grow your business is a challenge and she provides examples on how to do it. Andréa covers the three most important questions for social media strategy and she also reveals three methods for reaching your end goal. We all know that being a business owner means you are handling many aspects of running your business but you need to remember that social media is a segment of those running parts.

Andréa and I also address how building content is a learned skill and it takes time to develop, especially if you are trying to build sustainability content. We also talk about being discouraged when comparing your status to other high level influencers, that each business works differently, and has its own levels of creating content. There is a difference between being on social media as a content creative versus being on social media as a business owner.

Everything takes time and creating healthy habits with social media is important and the best way to reach those goals is to set aside time to prep. Another topic we touch base on is don’t forget that the behind the scenes is just as important and you need to figure out what works best for your business. Listen to your community. It is more than just the follower count, it is about the interaction and engagement.

Time Stamps

  • [01:02] – Amber announces this episode’s guest as social media strategist extraordinaire Andréa Jones.
  • [02:02] – Andréa touches on some of the issues with using social media.
  • [4:30] – Amber asks Andréa what advice she would give to the person first using Instagram.
  • [05:28] – Andréa recommends prep time for posts, check-ins, and reviewing progress.
  • [07:59] – Preparing social media content in an hour may be difficult but Andréa answers the question, “how in the world could I do that in an hour?”.
  • [09:00] – Andréa states that it is okay getting a few posts the first time, this is a skill to build & develop.
  • [12:26] – Amber asks for advice on specific approaches for putting out content.
  • [14:03] – Andréa conveys that the storytelling element still needs to be in the post.
  • [16:55] – Many business owners wear multiple hats, and Amber wants to know what social media platform Andréa recommends starting out on.
  • [18:56] – We discover the top two platforms for service based business owners, right now, suggested by Andréa.
  • [20:11] – Recapping that part of the purpose for posting is to reach new people.
  • [21:35] – Andréa shares her focus strategy for building referral partnerships.
  • [24:05] – We learn that coming from a genuine place is a great way for relationship networking.
  • [24:32] – Andréa speaks briefly that her favourite clients may not be on social media and that she must be creative in reaching them.
  • [25:20] – Being a content creator on social media is different than being a business owner on social media.
  • [28:27] – Remember, someone like Brené Brown, has a team behind her building her content and that is something to keep in mind.
  • [29:38] – Andréa gives advice for those comparing to others, that figuring out what kind of business owner are and accepting that where you should be
  • [30:35] – Influencer level should not be the expectation, Amber declares, and that is very different from being a business owner and impacting the business.
  • [33:07] – Andréa provides an exercise for the writing piece, of creating posts/content.
  • [34:47] – We acquire information about Andréa’s program, the Savvy Social School, and how to connect with her.

Links & References

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Brené Brown

    The Inner Circle

    a unique membership for ADHD {and ADHD-ish} biz owners who live in Distraction City, with shiny object syndrome, and live life with other tendencies that keep us from doing our best work.

    You want a sustainable life. A work/home/school/family stability that WORKS, functions on good habits, systems, and approaches that set us up for immeasurable success both personally and professionally.

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