This episode is a special one where six GSD mavens join Maelisa and Amber to share their experiences from the week-long GSD entrepreneur retreat. You may not consider a week-long retreat to be a valuable use of your time, but these ladies will prove you wrong. Listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie to hear the GSD mavens explain why the week-long GSD entrepreneur retreat may be exactly what you need.

What benefits does Agnes Wainman see in GSD?

Agnes Wainman is a clinical psychologist in Ontario. She works with overwhelmed, worried women. It turns out that a week away from her practice helped her get so much done for her practice. She was amazed by the way that the other mavens provided her with a safe place to unleash all her emotional baggage. Being with really supportive women helped her to be vulnerable and open up. She felt that everyone there has built special friendships based on this entrepreneur retreat. Listen to Agnes’ perspective on the GSD retreat on episode 31 of My Biz Bestie.


Anna Osborne shares the value of her experience during the entrepreneur retreat

Anna Osborne thought that taking a week away helped her get perspective on how the systems in her business run. A week away afforded her the time to reflect on whether she had the right systems in place to help her business run efficiently. She was able to declutter the noise and distraction that a lot of her social media groups and friendships had become. The retreat allowed her to shift her perspective and redefine where she should spend her energy. She knows that it is so hard to leave your life for a week, but her advice is just to go do it. Listen to this episode to hear her tell you why you need a GSD retreat in your life.

Catherine O’Brien discusses what she gets out of the GSD retreat

Catherine O’Brien loves having a week that is completely uninterrupted. She found that she was able to take care of herself during that week. She feels that it is beneficial to take a whole week for an entrepreneur retreat because just 2 or 3 days simply isn’t enough time to decompress. She was able to take some downtime and also get so much done. She loves that each year their tribe gets to know each other even better. They discuss goals and check in with each other during their GSD week. Listen to Catherine describe the benefits of accountability during a week-long entrepreneur retreat.

Kami Storck shares about the bond that she experiences during GSD week

Kami loves the vibe of their group of women. She feels that the bond they have is amazing. They share their successes as well as their failures with each other and they revel in each other’s success. They have a tight bond even though they don’t talk regularly throughout the year. Their diversity helps them create their bond. Are you interested in finding a tight-knit group of like-minded women? Listen to Kami as she describes the tribe that GSD created on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

Lorena Duncan shares what is so special about the GSD bond

Lorena feels that the group has been a cohesive tribe. She is quite introverted yet she gelled with the group which is mainly made up of extroverts. She was able to just be herself and focus solely on her own needs. She loved the freedom of being able to get things done if that’s what she wanted to do, or simply focus on herself. During her time at the entrepreneur retreat, she gave herself permission to be guilt-free. Listen to Lorena share her experience during this episode of My Biz Bestie

Nicol Stolar-Peterson talks about how GSD week helps her get big projects done

Nicol Stolar-Peterson loves that she is able to work on her business, not running her business while she takes a week for GSD. Being away helps clear the noise and work on big projects. She says that at home things always come up in her day to day life so that it is important to take the whole week to get amazing things done. Tasks that require intensive effort are accomplished because she can take large chunks of time to focus. Listen to Nicol’s perspective on the benefits of GSD week on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

In this episode…

  • [3:12] A bit about Agnes and her experience at GSD week

  • [14:53] Anna Osborne shares the value of her experience

  • [23:02] Catherine O’Brien discusses what she gets out of GSD week

  • [30:02] Kami Storck shares what she values most about GSD week

  • [39:23] Lorena Duncan shares what is so special about GSD week

  • [52:55] Nicol Stolar-Peterson talks about how GSD week helps her get projects done

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