Welcome to season 3 of My Biz Bestie. After an enjoyable summer hiatus, Maelisa and Amber are back in action and ready to talk about entrepreneurship, business relationships, and of course, biz besties. On this episode, they are excited to explore not just the biz bestie relationship, but the entire support system that surrounds you and your business. They explore the different areas of your life that provide a support system for you and your business. Are you ready to discover what the 6 areas of your life that create your business support system are? Listen now to hear what they are.

You come first

You should come first in your life and in your business. The self is all the things that make you-you. Your personality, self-care, self-esteem, mindset, professional growth, mental health are all very important to your business. If you don’t have your self in order then your business can suffer. Listen now to hear why you are the most important part of your business support system.


Your biz bestie

If you have listened to this show before then you already know the value the biz bestie relationship can provide. Your biz bestie can give you honest feedback in many aspects of your business. It’s nice to have the one on one relationship with someone whose opinion you value and who you really like. You trust your biz bestie to be open and honest. There is often an overlap between business and professional advice in the biz bestie relationship.

Your inner circle

Your inner circle includes other people whose opinions you value. This may or may not include your biz bestie. The inner circle could be people in a mastermind, mentors, collaborators, or simply people you are close to. Your inner circle is a group of people that you share your wins with and they have seen the progress that you have made in your business.

Your team

Your team includes all the people with which you have a business relationship. This can include vendors, consultants, and collaborators. All of these people support your business in reaching your goals. Listen now to hear how your team is part of your business support system.

Your loved ones

Your loved ones are all the family and friends that don’t run a business. They care about you and help your personal relationships. They may not understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, but they want to support you in your endeavor however they can. Your loved ones help you find boundaries in your business. Listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie to hear how your loved ones can impact your business.

Your community

Some people neglect this part of their business support system. Your community includes those that you meet networking, collaborators, or referral sources. You may not feel as connected to your community as your inner circle, but your community is like having an extended circle. If you have a local business the community can be found at community events or the chamber of commerce. Listen to this episode to hear why it is important to connect with a larger audience.

Which areas of your business support system need help?

As you think about these areas of your business support system, which one do you feel needs the most nurturing? Which area (or areas) needs to be grown? Leave a comment on this page and tell us which area you will start nurturing. Maelisa and Amber have a special giveaway in store for 4 lucky people that leave comments. Comment now and be sure to listen on September 10th to find out if you have won!

In this episode…

  • [2:12] What are the areas of your life that build the support system?

  • [3:46] Yourself

  • [5:17] Your biz bestie relationship

  • [6:10] Your inner circle

  • [7:45] Your team

  • [8:49] Your loved ones

  • [12:54] Your community

  • [16:11] Which areas do you feel need the most nurturing in your life?

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