Whether you call them frenemies, haters, or nemesis (nemesi??), it seems like everyone has someone in their lives that is their antithesis. On this episode of My Biz Bestie, Amber and Maelisa flesh out the arch-nemesis relationship. An arch-nemesis can actually be an important relationship that helps you define your life (much like a biz bestie!). Having an arch-nemesis may not seem like a good thing, but you may be surprised at the good they can provide to your life. Listen to this episode to learn how having an arch-nemesis could help you reexamine your values and grow personally.

What is an arch-nemesis?

There is a difference between a regular old enemy and an arch-nemesis. An arch-nemesis is when you have a close relationship with someone, but over time you realize that there is such a difference in the values between you that it causes a rift in the relationship. The important thing to remember is that there is a fundamental difference between two people’s values. The way you see the world is so different that you truly can’t understand how the other person thinks. Is there someone like this in your life? If so, then listen to this episode to hear why that might not be such a bad thing.


What are the benefits of having an arch-nemesis?

Believe it or not, there are benefits in having an arch-nemesis. This frenemy can give you the clarity to examine your own values. When someone completely calls into question your own strongly held viewpoints, this can give you pause. You may realize that you should reexamine these views and see if your values are sound. If you feel that you are correct to uphold your value system then you may find that you have to take a break in the relationship to stay true to yourself. Listen to Amber and Maelisa as they hash out the ins and outs of this interesting type of relationship

If you are interested in self-growth, then look no further than your arch-nemesis!

If you have a self-improvement mindset and you want to learn and grow as a person then having an arch-nemesis can help you see your own shortcomings and help you grow personally. Knowing someone well that sees the world in such a different way from you can help you to reexamine your own beliefs. You need to look at your own interactions with them and evaluate why you are having that reaction. You can learn how to avoid certain situations or react better to things. Listen to this episode to learn how to let your haters become your motivators.

How do you handle your arch-nemesis?

Sometimes you can’t just quit interacting with your arch-nemesis, so how do you handle having a relationship with them? It is important to set boundaries. These can include how often you interact with this person, how you interact with them, and what you confide in them. If this person is a family member you may only want to see them only at family events rather than one on one. If they drain you emotionally, then seeing them regularly could be a bad idea. Evaluate to what degree of an arch-nemesis this is before coming up with a game plan. You can even use your support system for advice on how to handle this challenging person in your life. Listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie to hear tips on how to handle the haters and grow personally.

In this episode…

  • [1:52] What is an arch-nemesis?

  • [5:33] What are the benefits in having an arch nemesis?

  • [9:55] If you have a growth mindset your haters can help you

  • [14:45] Join us at the GSD Retreat

  • [15:46] What do you do with your arch nemesis?

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