Tax Time Pep Talk for the Easily Distracted
If you’re U.S. based and catching this in real-time, you’re in the last days before your taxes are due. You probably already know that the timer is ticking down, and you might be avoiding it. (You’re probably avoiding it.)

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but taxes are non-negotiable for everyone. It’s time to sit down and get it done.

But first, listen in to my pep talk. It doesn’t have to take you days to do your taxes, especially if you have a tax professional to help you out.

On this week’s episode, I’m giving you a few steps to take to make the next few days feel a little less stressful and offering some advice on how you can avoid this last-minute stress next year. Yes, it does involve some planning ahead. Your future self will thank you.

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[0:41] – The most dreaded day for entrepreneurs
[1:39] – Seasoned peeps know that the actual dreaded day is October 17
[2:10] – Clear a day to do the work
[2:30] – Your P&L statement is your actual problem
[4:21] – Fill out that extension form
[6:17] – You’re a champion of the last-minute save


Amber Hawley  0:01  

Business owners are increasingly being pulled in so many directions, feeling like they aren’t reaching their full potential in business and life despite their type aways. With my background as a therapist, entrepreneur, and as dropout with ADHD, I interview and coach high achieving business owners like you who want to stop struggling for success by using psychological systems, strategies, and the occasional care for entation. This is the easily distracted entrepreneur, your place to slay overwhelm perfectionism and shiny object syndrome so that you can get done what matters most to you. Hello, my posse of procrastinators, I am here to support you through the most dreaded day for all entrepreneurs. And that is tax day. Tax days coming up this Monday, April 18. And it’s Wednesday right now. So you know what that means. If you’re listening as this comes out, you have five days to get your shit in order. But I want you to remember one thing, you are not alone? Oh, no. Let me assure you way, more business owners than you know, so many business owners are not ready, haven’t even started, kind of haven’t thought about it, and will have a deep panic. On Monday night, when they realize that that day is coming on, you are not alone my friend. Then, in fact, for my hardcore seasoned peeps out there, you know, that the actual dreaded day for this year is October 17. Because that’s the day that the extensions are due. And you know that you still have until October 17 to submit without penalty.


Amber Hawley  2:01  

That’s for my hardcore peeps. But for those of you who are still goaling, for Monday, here are my tips to support you. Number one, I want you to clear a day. I know it’s Wednesday, I get it, I get you’re listening to this. Now, I want you to clear a day. Or perhaps you’re gonna have to clear your weekend and say no to everything else to get this done, but you can do it. Number two, if you get all your information together, and you get your profit and loss statement together, because let’s face it, that’s actually the problem is getting your p&l statement, right? When you do that, do not do your own damn taxes. It is stupid. As a business owner, there’s absolutely no way you should be wasting your precious time, unless you are actually a tax professional or CPA. Otherwise, please outsource this, it is so little in cost. And you couldn’t possibly know all the tax code or all the loopholes or all the ways to save yourself money. And as I have said to many people before, in many ways, they actually can save their fee for you in knowing the things that they know. So if you do rally through this weekend, and you are ready to send your taxes off, please send it to a tax professional. Now granted, if you haven’t already contacted a tax person, and you don’t have a tax person, the odds of getting it done by tax day are very low. So because they’re inundated right now, and they are insane. But still, there are ways around this, but do not do that yourself. So taking note that what I’m actually giving you a pep talk for is to finish gathering your information for your taxes and your p&l statement. So I want you to build in an awesome reward for yourself for getting it done. Something that will help motivate you something to look forward to at the end of the day, at the end of the weekends at the end of Monday. That will actually encourage you to stick with it when you feel exhausted. And you don’t want to keep going. So my tip number four, fill out an extension form and send it in now. As soon as you hear this, go to the IRS Form page, download it, print it off, fill it out, mail it if you do file on time, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t count against you. It’s not like they’ll be confused and not process your taxes. But on the off chance. And we know that’s a kind of good one. If you don’t get them done, at least you file the extension and prevents extra penalties. So once you have finished gathering all that information, or if you’re ignoring me You actually did your taxes yourself and you finish them. That’s great. I want you to go to your calendar and book out time to find a bookkeeper. That way. Next year, you’re going to receive your profit and loss statement on January 2, and honestly, that is worth your weight in gold. 


Amber Hawley  5:18  

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed this weekend, or let’s face it on Monday, trying to get your business expenses done, and questioning both your sanity and asking yourself why why couldn’t I have just started them in January like a rational person that I want you to post on social media for a recommendation from a bookkeeper. And I want you to grab yourself a tasty treat. And binge watch the drop out on Hulu relishing in the fact that you’re a better CEO than Elizabeth Holmes, and that you have already sent in that extension. So you’re going to be fine. And then capitalize on that anxiety you’re feeling right now and find someone to do your books now. So that you don’t need to have this pep talk again on October 16. Because as I said, the deadline for the extension is October 17. Remember, you are not a bad business owner. Because you waited until the last minute. One could say that you’re a champion of the last minute save. I had a college professor who used to say the difference between an A student and a D student is that the a student was willing to pull the all nighter. So remember you are an A student. And if you still need a pep talk, I want you to go ahead and email me at Amber at Amber and say I need a tax pep talk. And I am going to give you one to try to get you through this weekend to try to get you to that place where you’re all done on Monday. And I want you to remember that you got this


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