The My Biz Bestie GSD work retreat was a fantastic getaway enjoyed by 4 hard-working women. These ladies brought the right mindset and achieved greatness over the 4-day retreat. This retreat was the first time Maelisa and Amber hosted a retreat themselves and they spend this episode reflecting on who worked, what worked, and why it worked. Listen to this episode to hear what the participants thought and to discover if a work retreat is exactly what you need to get stuff done.

Accountability and structure were the keys to GSD

Amber was totally floored at how much the women were able to get done in 4 short days. Hosting this work retreat helped her see the value of having someone taking charge and pushing and challenging the participants to narrow their focus not just for the week but for the day and even for the hour. Amber and Maelisa both saw the value in the structure that they provided on the retreat. They understand how holding the participants accountable really contributed to them getting done so much work. Amber enjoyed helping the women find their focus and help them develop a clear vision of what they wanted to accomplish during the stay. Are you curious about what you could get done during a GSD work retreat? Listen to this episode to hear how Amber and Maelisa helped the group find their focus and hold each member accountable so that they achieved maximum output.


What is a Pomodoro session?

One of the ways that Amber and Maelisa were able to provide structure to the work sessions was by using the Pomodoro technique. Pomodoro is a style of working in which you are focused for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. You can adjust the timeframe to increase the amount of time. The technique is based on research that our brains need consistent breaks to really work their best. A full day using Pomodoro is 6 hours with an hour break. Using the Pomodoro method not only increases productivity but manages your energy output. When using Pomodoro sessions, at the end of the day you don’t feel so drained and exhausted. It helps to trick your brain to tackle a task that you avoid doing. Listen to this episode to hear how Amber and Maelisa used the Pomodoro method to help the participants at the GSD retreat stay focused and get it all done.

What did the GSD participants think of their weekend of productivity?

The 4 GSD entrepreneurs chime in on how the weekend affected them and their business. Dr. Caryn Banque was finally able to write the copy and get her website live after paying for it for 2 years! Molly Ann, a home designer, appreciated being able to review her work with a unique perspective. Jasmin Jourdenais was able to plan the big picture, she loved the visual techniques used to help stay focused. Theresa Tschannen was able to declutter all the things that were creating background noise and preventing her from working on her business. Listen to these ladies describe in person how productive their GSD work retreat was for them on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

Are you ready to master your to-do list?

Are you curious about how the Pomodoro technique might increase your productivity? Amber and Maelisa invite you to a live 3 hour Pomodoro session. You can sit wherever you are and take 3 hours of your time to tackle your to-do list. Amber and Maelisa will be there to help you with the structure and accountability that will push you to get it all done. Join them on Thursday, October 25 from 10-1 PST. They will help you brainstorm before the session to discuss what it is you would like to accomplish, they’ll hold you accountable, and help you celebrate as you master your to-do list. Join them by registering at

In this episode…

  • [1:42] Amber’s takeaway’s from the retreat

  • [7:04] What is a Pomodoro session?

  • [13:54] What did Caryn think of the retreat?

  • [19:03] What did Molly Ann take away from the GSD retreat?

  • [22:15] Jasmine Jorurdenais had never dedicated so much time on her business

  • [31:22] Therese Grieco knew she needed a GSD weekend to focus on her business

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