Once you find your Biz Bestie, it’s time to get clear about what you need in the relationship. After all, you want to make sure you and your Bestie are getting the optimum amount of support and love you need to find success, however you define that.  It all comes down to values, and how you can support one another in those values. As we’ve been talking to friends and colleagues about the subject, it became so clear that all the Biz Besties we know each structure things differently. The world of Besties is as diverse and multifaceted as the people who make up the partnerships, and that is worth celebrating. 

There is no wrong way to structure (or un-structure) a Biz Bestie relationship. Do you like to use Voxer or Facebook as your primary means of communication? Or are you more like us and prefer a good old-fashioned phone call? Do you want structured accountability or just that friend who is willing to check up on you? What about those retreats and trips and events we rant and rave about? How do you split the bill? 

It sounds like a lot of questions, but don’t worry. The answer is just the same for each of them. Do what works best for you and your Bestie. That being said, it is still helpful to have a few jumping off points. In that spirit, we are excited to bring you some tips and tricks we use in our loosely structured relationship, and then look forward to interviews from other Biz Besties and Biz Bros killing it differently than we do! 

Determine what structure (or un-structure) works best for you!

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Show Highlights:

  • Look out for monthly “Meet Your Biz Bestie” interviews!

  • Tips and tools we have learned from inspiring Biz Besties.

  • All about Voxer, and why it doesn’t work so much for us.

  • We talk on the phone, we text, we message…you name it!

  • What we have tried, like a once a week accountability check.

  • Added pressure from too much structure didn’t work for us.

  • Pay for accountability if that is not your strength.

  • Everybody is looking for something different in their Biz Bestie relationship.

  • What we actually talk about!

  • Your bestie can be your sounding board.

  • Flexibility is key.

  • What happens when money enters the equation.

  • How we divide and conquer financials.

  • Start with small commitments and build up to larger ones.

  • Get clear about what you value and what your needs are.