I have a super special guest today that I’m pretty dang excited about. I’m joined by the one, the only Dr. Melissa Hall! That is right, my biz bestie is back! (At least for today!)

The reason we wanted to do this episode together, besides it being more fun is that we’re going to talk about an ADHD strategy for getting things done. And you know, both of us have ADHD. We specialize in ADHD. We love supporting our ADHD community.

So if you’re about to tune out because you don’t have ADHD, do not worry. The strategy actually works for everyone and it can be really helpful, but it’s particularly helpful for all of our neuro-diverse peeps out there. Today we are doing a deep dive on body doubling.

Body Doubling

Body Doubling is one of those things that sounds so simple and but it is a really great strategy. It may have been something that you are already doing and not even aware of it.

I actually just kind of intuitively did this without knowing that I was doing this well before I understood, or even before I knew I had ADHD or that this strategy is actually a thing. We’re going to talk about different ways to utilize the strategy and kind of our experience of things that do work and don’t work so well.

We go into what is Body Doubling, how to structure it, what can make it not as effective and why we think you should give it a shot. (It’s researched based ya’ll).

If you want to try it out with a pro, head on over to amberhawey.com/innercircle to learn all about the Inner Circle where we cowork EVERY month.


Dr. Maelisa Hall is a licensed psychologist, nail design enthusiast, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. Through her business QA Prep, she empowers therapists through trainings and consultation on clinical documentation. Maelisa focuses on the “why” behind the usual recommendations and encourages clinicians to think outside the box, while also keeping their ethics intact. A true ENFP, Maelisa aims to make sure all of her endeavors are meeting a need in the community while also allowing for plenty of laughter and fun.


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