Let’s face it, we’re all looking for productivity hacks for entrepreneurs. Since productivity isn’t exactly Maelisa and Amber’s forte they did what any creative entrepreneur would do. They outsourced this episode. Optimizing your time to get the most out of your day is a key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Thankfully Maelisa and Amber have an awesome network of super resourceful entrepreneurs. Listen now to hear creative productivity hacks for entrepreneurs from these helpful biz owners. 

Do you have a hit list?

Dr. Ajita Robinson loves to prioritize. She knows how to make a list and eliminate the shoulds. After doing that she has her hit list. Her next step is to identify the tasks that don’t require her expertise. She outsources them like a boss. The next step she takes is to batch it up. She identifies the tasks that go together and then gets to scheduling. She knows how to make her time work for her. Listen in to hear how she uses power hours to get the important tasks done. 


Is your equipment slowing you down?

Katie Krimitsos’ productivity hack is not a software, not a tool, and not even a mindset. Here’s her secret that she is just learning: Make sure you have the proper equipment to run your business and that it runs efficiently. Ensure that everything you need to do your job is up to date and not slowing you down. Sometimes when your equipment starts to wear out it begins chipping away at your time over time. This becomes a slow progression downward that you may not even notice. Think about your equipment. Do you have to spend extra time to work to get your stuff up to date?

How’s your schedule looking this week?

Marissa Lawton always thought she sucked at productivity because she couldn’t follow the advice of all the experts. She hates batching. She’s one of those people that needs to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of a task. She has managed to become more productive by creating a schedule every Sunday night. Knowing what she’s going to do each day has helped her stay on task and even given her space to breathe. Find out how she does it by listening to this episode of My Biz Bestie. 

More productivity hacks for entrepreneurs

If you are struggling with time management or productivity then you’ll want to hear all the different advice from all of these accomplished entrepreneurs. Whether you are ultra-sensitive, have to write it all out, or shut everything down. There is a productivity hack out there that is right for you. Listen to the rest of our entrepreneurial productivity experts to hear what they do to maximize their time. 

In this episode…

  • [3:02] Eliminate the shoulds

  • [6:08] Make sure you have up to date equipment

  • [8:05] Set a weekly schedule

  • [10:38] Write it out

  • [11:30] Get laser-focused

  • [12:45] Honor yourself

  • [14:57] Use Google Calendar

  • [17:02] Remind yourself that you matter

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