What’s On Your Plate


February 4th, 2022

It’s time to hone in on what matters most so you can get back to maximum impact.



Maybe you want to hit a certain number of students in your programs or work with more clients 1:1. Maybe your goal is to pivot your business to require less of you, shifting to a one-to-many approach or an education model. Maybe your goal is to finally put processes in place that actually work for you, not just processes that people say you should implement.

Whatever your goals may be, we all know that they won’t come to pass without a real plan, without a clear path to follow, and the clarity that gives you the confidence to move forward.

And you’re really good at getting distracted (we all are). You’re really good at changing your mind with every biz bestie’s social media post you read because their plans sound so dang good. You should probably be doing that thing too.

Before you know it, months go by and suddenly you realize that none of your brilliant ideas actually turned into real goals or plans. And none of them actually went from your head into real life implementation. Before you know it, you realize you’ve done a whole lot of thinking about things, but nothing actually happened.

You haven’t grown your team. You haven’t pivoted your business or grown your list or launched that program or implemented that process.

That’s not going to be your story in 2022.

You’re invited to What's On Your Plate Workshop.

 This workshop is for the easily distracted entrepreneur who wants to make maximum impact with one thoughtful, business-building project for Q1. This is for you if you crave support in having a vision for 2022 and then setting your one big goal for the first 90 days. All while having clarity around its purpose, and developing a plan to see the project to fruition. Let’s start this year strong and get that one important thing accomplished by the end of March 2022!

Here are all the details

When: Friday, February 4th, 2022
A 6 hour workshop from 12:00 noon – 6:00 pm EST
Where: Virtual workshop on Zoom

Investment: Right Now Save $150 if you register by Jan 26th  (reg $397)

We will:

  • Spend time getting clarity around all the ideas spinning in your head so you can commit to your own thing with confidence.
  • Setting that goal that will move your business forward.
  • Create the vision for 2022!
  • Develop the plan to take action and make your project happen.
  • There is pre-work for those who love to jump right in.
  • Actually map out your todos for each month and week so you can plan your days.

My clients often share that they are so overwhelmed that they don’t know what they should focus on first.

What will actually make a difference? What will give them momentum in their business? What will impact the people they serve as well as their bottom line? So many things vy for your attention (plus there’s so much on your list) that it feels like it’s impossible to pick one thing and have it be the right choice.

Have you ever picked a project to focus on out of thin air because it feels like it might be a good idea? You make something up, like “visibility” for instance, because it sounds trendy and popular and always a good idea to improve upon, right?

Maybe you spend some time mapping out a plan, but more likely than not you dive right into things that they’ll help you get more visible today and then before the week is over, you’re trying to wrap up other tasks, feel so scattered, and suddenly you’re onto another spontaneous “project.”

It’s not impossible to pick one right thing and see it through. It just takes some support, guidance, and accountability to pick one thing and break the plan into manageable tasks. This is what the workshop will do.

Hey, I’m Amber Hawley,

and my goal is for you to do something big and massively important in your business in Q1 — to not only have the clarity you crave but also love your idea, what it means, and have the plan in place to make it happen. 

You’re not alone. Being easily distracted is common to women with ADHD and even those without the official diagnosis. Having that shiny object syndrome and “squirrel!” mentality makes us self-sabotage our efforts when we’re so used to moving onto something new without really stopping to consider the consequences of our uncertainty or inability to follow through. 

No more, bestie.  

No more having ideas, making plans, putting in half effort, and then having a “better idea” → completely switching gears and planning something new without giving yourself the time to see that through either. 

You can’t make a true impact that way, so let’s work to your strengths instead and use them to create ONE INCREDIBLE THING for your Q1. 

Are we going to plan for more than Q1? 

YES and NO, while we create your overall vision for 2022 so you have your big picture, this workshop only focuses on creating one action plan for January, February and March 2022 so you can give yourself the ability to focus on your one thing. 

Imagine how you’ll feel to accomplish one meaningful, thoughtful, and well executed project in your business before the end of Q1. Like you’ve conquered the world, right? 

Let’s conquer the world, and all the things that hold you back from that success, together. 

“I feel like I have a plan that I can accomplish”

—workshop participant