Are you looking for networking ideas to up your networking game? Is one of your new year’s resolutions to network more? Then you’ve come to the right place. On this episode of My Biz Bestie, the social mavens are here to teach you how to reach out. Networking is imperative to growing your business but there are unwritten rules that you need to follow for it to be effective. Thankfully your favorite biz besties have navigated these waters for a while and can teach you the ins and outs of networking on social media or in real life and they can show you how to kick up those business relationships and form real connections. So listen in to episode 49 of My Biz Bestie to hear their latest networking ideas and tips to ensure that you and your business stand out from the crowd.

Don’t be annoying on social media

There are many faux pas that you can make on social media. One of the most irritating ones is to friend someone solely to get them to like your business page. Not only does this not help your business page, but it is also annoying as well! Another huge turnoff that some people do is to direct message someone with the sole intention to sell them something. Have you ever had someone add you to their email list without asking you? Not only is this super spammy, but it’s also illegal! Social media is a fantastic resource for networking, but you must use it wisely. What are your social media pet peeves?


Share but don’t solicit

There is a fine line between sharing information and trying to solicit a sale. Sharing is caring, but soliciting without a relationship is just plain yucky. Before you begin soliciting clients you must first build a relationship. People don’t want to be hit up for a direct sale from everyone they meet. If you are trying to hook someone into buying something the relationship feels inauthentic. Connect with people from a place of interest in them, not solely to get people to jump into your funnel. Making connections and building relationships are what networking is all about.

Give when you are reaching out

When you reach out to someone don’t just ask what they can do for you. Build the relationship first. You have to give something before you can ask for something in return. Love him or hate him, Gary V has a great rule of thumb about asking — give, give, give, then ask. A great way to reach out to a new contact is to highlight how you can share value. No one wants to connect with you just to talk about you, so offer up a value bomb first. If you do have a need, ask the people you already have a relationship with rather than someone you don’t know. Are you trying to figure out how to reach out to someone? Listen to this episode to hear tips for networking or check out Maelisa and Amber’s Networking Master Class to learn how to be a networking master.

Creative networking ideas

Reaching out doesn’t have to be so serious. You can actually have fun in the way that you connect with a new contact. If you connect with someone in a Facebook group thread and you feel that you have made a connection you can always ask if you can DM them. A virtual coffee date is a fun way to connect personally with someone online. Online networking is one thing, but how do you reach out to someone that you have met at a live event? One fun way to make an impression is to send them a short video message. This is a creative way to make a connection and really stand out from the crowd. Do you have a fun way that you have connected with people?

In this episode…

  • [2:42] A big Facebook don’t

  • [6:25] Don’t private message people to try to sell something

  • [10:29] A big LinkedIn don’t

  • [13:48] How to go about the ask

  • [16:58] Step outside your comfort zone

  • [23:05] How to follow up with someone after you meet them at a live event

  • [28:09] A recap of how to network

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