Now that you know all about how we “unstructured” our Biz Bestie relationship, we wanted to share with you how more Besties help one another with all of their business endeavors. We promise that you and your Biz Bestie do not have to be quite as unstructured as we are! In fact, there are so many benefits to having a Biz Bestie.

Biz Besties, Tiffany McLain and Allison Puryear
Biz Besties, Tiffany McLain and Allison Puryear

Allison and Tiffany had the ultimate friend crush. The pair definitely started out as mutual admirers but at a distance. Allison remembers making the leap and reaching out to Tiffany via email simply because wanted to connect. Because of that bold move, the two have built a beautiful friendship on a foundation of mutual respect and trust. We admire both of these ladies for their boldness. It’s not easy to make the first move, and it can be risky to start up a Biz Bestie relationship. Let Allison and Tiffany be all the proof you need that this kind of friendship is uniquely special and incredibly beneficial.

Alone, you’ll go faster. Together, you’ll go father.

Tiffany and Allison’s story is all about showing up for your Biz Bestie. It becomes so much easier to step up to the plate when your Bestie is there! Collaboration can be fun instead of a chore. Dash away all of those unpleasant memories of high school group projects! We are so excited for you to hear all about Allison and Tiffany’s friendship. It is certainly inspiring and proof that each Biz Bestie relationship is different and perfectly suited to what you need and where you are. Go ahead and give this episode a listen! You will definitely be inspired.

Show Highlights:

  • Learn all about Tiffany and Allison, and how they rock it in both therapy and entrepreneurship.

  • How these two Besties got connected to one another through admiration and communication.

  • What happened when Allison and Tiffany met in person for the first time.

  • The Bestie Partnership is all about finding someone who takes action with you.

  • A good Biz Bestie brings out the best in you.

  • Allison and Tiffany are relatively unstructured.

  • Have business conversations in business hours.

  • The positive relationship allows you to open up to someone who understands your business and provides feedback when you need it.

  • It’s scary, and it’s not always magic. There is a process of building up your understanding of one another.


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