Do you know your love language? Your love language can say a lot about you and how you communicate. While your love language is traditionally used for couples, it can tell you a lot about how you communicate with others. You can also learn how others communicate with you. Not only can you use this information in your relationship but you can learn how to connect better with your team as well. The book The 5 Love Languages is a great starting point for connection. Discover how to use your love language to help you communicate with your entire business support system by knowing your love language. 

Why is it important to know your love language?

Your partner is part of your business support system, so if that relationship isn’t performing ideally, neither are you. Knowing (both) of your love languages can help you learn how to communicate better. While it is important to know your own love language it is just as important to know your partner’s. When you know how your partner is trying to communicate with you it can further your understanding and deepen your relationship. Knowing both of your love languages can help you discover why some people act the way they do. 


What are the 5 love languages?

  1. Words of affirmation – Some people value kind words over other ways to express love. Thanks, you look beautiful, and other affirmations go a long way with these people. They crave positive feedback.

  2. Physical touch – No this doesn’t necessarily mean sex. It is important to understand what type of physical touch your partner is craving. It could be snuggling or a gentle caress as you pass by. It’s important to communicate your wishes and what they mean to you.

  3. Acts of service -Others communicate by getting stuff done. They might get the oil changed on the car, pick up the dry cleaning or put kids to bed.

  4. Gifts – If someone’s love language is gifts, it doesn’t mean they are shallow or a gold digger. Gifts don’t mean expensive trinkets. It’s more about the intention behind the gift. If this is your love language it means that you want someone to be thoughtful and consider what is important to you.

  5. Quality time – The definition of quality time can vary. It may mean a walk in the park or a night snuggled on the couch watching movies.

How you can show your partner your love

Knowing your love language doesn’t mean that you don’t appreciate other ways of expression. It’s important to know how your partner expresses their love as well. You can express your love in your own way but you should also try to express love in the way that your partner wants. If you don’t they may not even realize that you do show that you care. What makes you feel loved? Try to do something for your partner every day. Make showing your love in a way that resonates with them a habit.

Use your love language with your team

Asking someone their love language at work might be a bit awkward. But by knowing the 5 love languages you can be more attuned to those on your team. One way to show your team you’re really listening is to ask them individually how they need support. What looks like help to you today Is a great question to ask. How will you use the love languages in your business?

In this episode…

  • [3:12] What are the 5 love languages?

  • [7:44] What are the acts of service?

  • [15:55] How are your actions being received?

  • [24:04] How does knowing your love language help you in your business?

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