Welcome to the final episode of season 1! Today, we are going to wrap up the season with all the lessons learned and nuggets of wisdom we have learned from doing this podcast. After we wrap the year up, we wanted to glimpse into the near future and give you a taste of what’s to come in season 2. 

We could not have made the My Biz Bestie podcast without you, our people. Thanks to your feedback and participation, we have been able to tune and tweak our process to serve you best. It also gives us the confidence to keep doing what we are doing. Gratitude does not even begin to describe the feeling. 

It’s nice to look back and realize that we’ve put in a lot of effort this year, and we’ve seen results.

Listen to hear all about what is coming up next! We think you’re going to love it. 

Show Highlights:

  • We are back in March! Hear what we will be doing in the meantime.

  • Learning from other women’s accomplishments from the year.

  • Take a proper break from work.

  • Hear how we maximize our rest time in order to go back to work with creative energy.

  • Learning lessons from 2017.

  • Gaining confidence from you, our incredible community and audience!

  • Relying on one another removed barriers.

  • What’s next for 2018.

  • Look forward to a GSD retreat with us.