On this episode of My Biz Bestie, Maelisa and Amber welcome Biz Besties, Jeannine Widmann, and Geraldine Carter. These independent women found each other at a networking event in their small town in Montana. When they realized that they served the same market as business coaches they made the conscious decision to see how collaboration works for them in their industry. Jeannine coaches women leaders and business owners by helping them increase their confidence and teaching them to own their worth. Geraldine Carter coaches early-stage small business owners focus on the nuts and bolts of building their businesses. Listen to this episode to hear Jeannine and Geraldine describe how they have chosen to make collaboration work for them.

Choosing to collaborate rather than compete helped foster their budding Biz Bestie relationship

When you find someone in your niche in a small town with a population of just 60,000 it could be so easy to put up a competitive barrier. But BizBesties Jeannine Widmann and Geraldine Carter chose to go another route. When they met at a networking event in the western town of Missoula, Montana they were instantly drawn to each other. Jeannine was new to the area and itching to find some local contacts. The two business coaches decided to meet up biweekly to exchange advice, vent, and help support each other. Their relationship quickly blossomed and they decided to collaborate with each other and create a local money workshop. Listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie to hear how these two entrepreneurs decided to make collaboration work for them.


What type of value can having a local Biz Bestie provide?

Now that Geraldine and Jeannine have found each other they have realized the incredible power that having a local Biz Bestie can provide. They understand that there is no scarcity of clients even in their small town. By having a local friend in the same industry they are able to understand the dynamics of the local coaching industry. They help to call each other forward and be at their best. Their friendship has created an open conversation between them and they are able to be upfront with each other about future client prospects so that they do not feel the messy sense of competition that eclipses so many relationships. Have you considered finding a Biz Bestie? Listen to this episode to hear how Geraldine and Jeannine have created an open relationship to converse and collaborate without the mess.

What is the next step in their Biz Bestie relationship?

Geraldine and Jeannine decided to lead a workshop together. They started “Ditch Your Money Hangups,” a local workshop catering to 10 to 15 participants. By starting this endeavor together they can balance each other with their strengths. Before they jumped into the idea they each participated in another workshop that the other was leading so that they could see how each other worked. Using their open communication they were able to critique each other on their style and format. You’ll want to hear how Jeannine and Geraldine have taken the Biz Bestie next step to create their workshop and learn to work together, so listen to the full episode to hear them describe their Bestie journey.

What is the biggest benefit of having a Biz Bestie?

Both Geraldine and Jeannine agree that having someone to call them forward is a huge benefit of having a Biz Bestie. Their relationship enables them to challenge each other to be their best self. Knowing that they don’t have to face their problems all alone is a game changer for both of them. When one of them is struggling with a problem they know that they can turn to their Biz Bestie for a listening ear, support and great advice. Their open and upfront conversations have even spilled over into the rest of their lives, being upfront about many situations has led to an inner freedom. Listen to this episode to hear Geraldine and Jeannine describe how collaboration works in their Biz Bestie relationship and see if it compares to your own.

In this episode…

  • [1:22] Meet Jeannine Widmann and Geraldine Carter

  • [6:01] How did they meet?

  • [12:33] How do they handle dealing in the same business in the same town

  • [19:03] How do they work doing the workshop together

  • [24:06] It is important to give each other open feedback

  • [24:56] When do they check in with each other

  • [29:18] What is the biggest benefit to having each other

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