Business growth can stagnate if you become complacent. Have you been getting complacent in your business? Have you thought about what is keeping you stuck? Amber and Maelisa have both become a bit complacent in their businesses and are ready to make some changes. They are taking advantage of big changes in their lives to make small changes in their days and in their businesses to optimize their efficiency and create the most impact. Listen to this episode to hear how Amber and Maelisa are tackling complacency and making changes in their lives and their businesses.

Do you feel stuck in your business?

Maelisa recently realized that she needs to keep a schedule to ensure when she is working on her business. Work will expand into the time allotted so set time limits can help keep the days from becoming all about work. Maelisa learned how to arrange her schedule around when she is most optimized to be creative, to do busy work, and to work out. Arranging her schedule in this way will allow her to understand how many clients she can take on and which tasks are taking too much time. This will also help her to realize when she needs to hire out certain tasks. How can you optimize the time in your day to optimize efficiency and impact? Look at what you can be doing differently to impact your business.


What is Maelisa’s new schedule like?

Maelisa took advantage of major changes in her life to reassess how she spent her time. She knew that too much of her life was devoted to work and that she had few boundaries. She has imposed a new schedule that will take advantage of her most productive times of day. 11-6 is her work time. She begins her day at 11 and devotes the next hour to small tasks to ease herself into her work day. After lunch, she then sets about to dive into her creative work. Although she has only been at her new schedule for a few days she feels like the schedule is optimizing her time. Do you optimize your schedule to make the most of your time?

Amber is beginning to make major changes in her life

Amber also recently underwent major changes in her life. She feels completely drained after a cross country move and will take advantage of this change to focus more on herself. She realized that she wasn’t putting herself first and thinks that self-care should play a bigger role in her life. She is already assessing how exercise will begin to change her life and her business. She knows that by putting her health first it will make her feel better and in turn create more quality time for her business. Where does health fall on your scale of importance?

How to create change in your business for maximum business growth

Can you increase your productivity by making small changes in your business? Think about what you can do to increase your productivity. There are many small changes people can make in their everyday lives that can positively impact their business. Would tweaking your schedule work? Should you focus more on your health? Think about your life and business. Where is your energy going? Try making some small changes in your life and let the Biz Besties know how you are going to change. Check them out on Instagram and let them know what have been your small wins.

In this episode…

  • [2:52] What are you doing to keep you stuck?

  • [16:18] What is her new schedule like?

  • [21:25] Amber is going to join a gym

  • [25:55] What have been your small wins?

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