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Tired of feeling tired, run down, and behind on all the things?  This is not a “normal” to get used to, friend.  You’re struggling to keep up with life (despite your Type A ways) and honestly, you used to have so much more bandwidth than you do now. You wake up in the morning already feeling behind, and distraction upon distraction continues to derail your day. What is going on?? You used to rally and plow full-steam ahead no matter what life threw your way. Now you can’t get your old methods to work and your ADHD feels out of control. You don’t have the stamina to manage your household, your business, and the overwhelm of life, relationships, and the ongoing demands on you. Ugh.  Your sleep sucks, your diet sucks, and this feeling of isolation is a total drag. You vacillate between feeling pressure to make money and just wanting to do anything but work. This “new” way of life feels awful. It used to be easier.  You crave consistency more than anything. A rhythm to your days and a pattern to your life. You need to count on having good days again Quite frankly, you’ve hit a tipping point. Something NEEDS to change. 


Had the support and accountability you needed to control your ADHD? Knew what to put in place to get your good habits back on track and your bad habits out the door for good? Woke up NOT feeling behind?  Felt confident in what you were going to achieve in your business this year? And actually had space for the things that matter to you?  You’d finally breathe again, wouldn’t you.  You can stop telling yourself stories like “if I just tried harder, I would get more done.” “if I just did better, I wouldn’t need help.” “if I just had more energy, then I wouldn’t be as crabby.” Sometimes it’s not as simple as that, and really — it’s not an impossible thing to ask. Your desire for a plan, for consistency, for a lifestyle that actually works for your life is legit. And it’s what I want for YOU. 


A unique membership for ADHD {and ADHD-ish} biz owners who live in Distraction City, with shiny object syndrome, and live life with other tendencies that keep us from doing our best work. You want a sustainable life. A work/home/school/family stability that WORKS, functions on good habits, systems, and approaches that set us up for immeasurable success both personally and professionally.

What’s Included in The Inner Circle

Live Monthly Trainings

A deep dive on a topic specific to productivity, prioritizing, goal setting, and more that will help you move forward to designing a beautiful, functional life and business.

Weekly Coworking Sessions

Following the Pomodoro method (great for those with ADHD tendencies!), we’ll come together every week on Zoom to work on one specific thing and, quite frankly, GSD.

Monthly Group Coaching Call

This is the time for your Q&A, so come into the group, get feedback, strategy, resources and support.

Quarterly and Annual Goal Planning Workshops

Get clarity on your goals for the each quarter and break it down so you can execute and finish those big goals that are important to you.

Access to Replays and Recordings

Listen at your Leisure to all the replays and recordings in Circle, the membership hub.

Monthly Member Missions

Fun missions designed to help you organize and address those small projects in business that can make a difference but it seems like there is never a good time to do it. We gamify and organize it so you can join and get it done. 

Bonus Guest Expert Trainings

Trainings from other experts to support you and your business.

Special Member Perks

             Member only pricing on coaching, VIP days & events.

Membership Community & Connection

Private, members-only community for connection and support in the Circle platform.

Investment: Only $79/ month

Upcoming Events (not including weekly co-working every Monday at 1pm EST)

Tuesday, June 4th, 1 – 2pm EST. Creating a Contingency Plan Workshop with Guest Expert, MaryBeth Simon

Tuesday, June 18th, 1 – 2pm EST. Group Coaching Call

Friday, June 21st, 1 – 4pm EST. Quarterly Goal Planning Workshop

Monday June 24th, 10am – 3pm EST. Extended Co-Working

“I get so much clarity in the training and Q&A sessions, about what to do next and when I’m wasting time.”

—Inner Circle Member

A membership that honors the way our brains work

The Inner Circle is a uniquely tailored approach to how to be organized and productive as business owners, as parents, and as members of society, but in a way that honors the brain differences that those who are neurodivergent struggle with.

This space has been created to honor YOU without making excuses for how uniquely awesome you are. Why? So you can grow and thrive in a place of understanding, support, and community filled with other business owners who GET you and your challenges because they ARE struggling with the same things.

Beating yourself up over some silly mistake or unavoidable, emotional stress?

Someone else likely is too.

Together, we can acknowledge it, tackle it head-on, and move forward. It’s true lifestyle design.

But more than that, the Inner Circle is a space for overwhelmed overachievers who want more out of their life — with other business owners who GET the struggle. Instead of spending anymore time shaming yourself, what would your life look like if you partner with a group of supportive people who will lift you up on your hardest days?

Hey, I’m Amber Hawley.

I’m a person with ADHD, and I’m married to someone with ADHD and have three neurodivergent children. So in other words, I. live. the. struggle. Life is distracting when you’re learning to manage a team, grow a 6-figure business, raise a family of young kiddos, and just try to not feel behind all the time. I know because I’ve lived that too.

As a business owner and as a relationship therapist, my experience comes from intellectual knowledge and also getting my hands dirty and acknowledging the emotional struggle and strife that having ADHD or being chronically behind causes in your life. 

In my 13 years of business ownership, I’ve learned what works to grow a team, build a business to multiple 6 figures, and figure out the systems and things that work for me — because it’s different from what works for others. And that’s okay. Our brains work just a little bit differently, and that’s something to be celebrated and supported, not shamed and shut down. 

You’re brave. You’re impulsive. 

You overthink. You underthink. 

You are so organized, you can’t get out of your own way, OR you can’t find your coffee. You go too fast and rush in. You go too slow and miss your chances. 

This is you, and you are who I’m helping.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have ADHD, but still struggle with a million distractions and feeling overwhelmed. Is this still for me?

YES. One thousand percent yes. Even though the Inner Circle is designed for nuerodivergent business owners, it also is perfect for the person who is exhausted, emotionally tapped out, run down, tired of life as it stands right now, and just needs support to feel like herself again. 

How much time do I need to commit to the group? I’m so busy as it is, I’m not sure I can add one more thing.
This membership is meant to support you however you need support right now. If all you can do is participate in the group and that’s where you find the value, that is perfect. If you can take in all the trainings and calls and soak up every piece of content offered, that is perfect. The Inner Circle is meant to support your life, not suck more life out of you. 
Is there a contract or commitment to joining?

No, it’s a membership that you pay monthly (or yearly), and you are not locked into any sort of long-term commitment. If you find that it’s not the best fit for you or the season of life right now, just reach out to cancel 7 days before the next month’s payment goes through. 


You are enough. You aren’t failing. You just need a system in place to support you as you get back to YOU again. The Inner Circle is that place.

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