Janelle Photopoulus has an entrepreneur support system but she searching for the right biz bestie. Jannelle owns a residential interior design firm in Rhode Island. Blakely Interior Design is growing quickly and she would love to find a biz bestie to help her on her entrepreneurial journey. Jannelle loves to learn and grow personally and apply her knowledge to grow her business. She is looking for a bestie that will help her to learn more and also help to keep her accountable. Discover how she can use her entrepreneur support system to find a biz bestie on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

What made her think of looking for a biz bestie?

Jannelle met Amber and Maelisa and was intrigued by the idea of the biz bestie relationship. She has been a part of a group mastermind over the past year and although she has found a fantastic entrepreneur support system she is not sure if they are the right people to search for a biz bestie. Jannelle isn’t sure if she should look for a biz bestie within her industry or if she should look for someone outside the interior design realm. She thinks it would be wonderful to share her knowledge and skills with a biz bestie as well as to have a special person to learn from.


What kind of entrepreneur support system is she looking for?

Jannelle is already in a large group mastermind where she can get vulnerable with the close-knit group of women entrepreneurs. She would like to create a biz bestie relationship that meets at regular intervals. She is looking for someone with whom she can get real, but also have some fun with. She appreciates other’s feedback and support especially during those not-so-great periods of entrepreneurship. She thinks that maybe it would be best to find a biz bestie that is not in the design business since she is set in her ways in that aspect. She knows the right biz bestie can help her recognize her worth and keep her focused on her entrepreneurial mindset.

How do you find a biz bestie?

Finding a biz bestie can seem like a daunting task. Can you find someone you connect with? Can you find someone at the same stage of business? Do you have similar growth mindsets? There are so many levels of connection to consider. It can seem like there is no way to find someone that checks all the boxes. Remember, it’s ok to ‘date’ multiple people and you may not find the one. It’s also important to note that there are friendships made for a reason, a season, and a lifetime. Cultivate the relationships you already have within your entrepreneur support system. Listen in to discover how to take the next step in a business relationship.

How do you ask someone to be your biz bestie?

So if you have found someone or a couple of people that you like, how do you broach the subject of the biz bestie relationship? There are several routes that you could take.

  • Ask for a virtual coffee date and see if you can connect personally and professionally.

  • Ask if they want to be accountability partners. Then from there, you can set up parameters surrounding the partnership. Then consider if that is the right kind of support you are looking for.

  • Define the relationship. At a certain point, you need to set expectations and define the support you need. Eventually, you have to define where you’re going in the relationship. Initially, it may be awkward, but then it is freeing. Sometimes it happens naturally, but sometimes it doesn’t. Do you need the structure of defining the relationship or not?

Learn how to talk to your future biz bestie by listening to Amber and Maelisa’s sage advice on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

In this episode…

  • [2:12] Janelle owns a residential interior design firm

  • [3:22] What made her want to look for a biz bestie?

  • [7:04] What kind of entrepreneur support system is she looking for?

  • [10:45] How do you find a biz bestie?

  • [22:07] How do you ask someone to be your biz bestie?

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