On episode number 20 of My Biz Bestie, Amber and Maelisa discuss how to set up an awesome group retreat. Group retreats are a wonderful way to get away and really focus on your business. When done well they are the perfect mix of business and pleasure. Planning a group retreat can be a daunting task. A well-planned retreat is not just good for your business, it’s good for your soul. If you are thinking of planning a group retreat or even just attending one then you will want to listen to this episode to hear Maelisa and Amber’s insider’s scoop on how to make it amazing for everyone involved.

What kind of retreat do you want to have?

The first step in planning an amazing retreat is figuring out what kind of retreat you all want to have. Setting up realistic expectations and outcomes makes the planning much easier. Once everyone agrees upon a common goal then you can assign tasks to different members of the group. Make one person in charge of handling the money and one person the planning guru. You will want to have a good idea of the kind of people that will attend the retreat, especially if it is a weeklong retreat. If you want to hear how Maelisa and Amber have successfully planned multiple retreats with an awesome group of women, then listen to this episode to find out.


How to deal with money

Dealing with other people’s money can be tricky. Maelisa and Amber have found that it is important to assign a designated money handler for the group retreat. If one person is in charge of the money then this makes it much easier to plan. The group planner and the money handler need to ensure that they are being diligent about keeping track of where the money is going. The more transparency there is with money the better. Keeping careful records is also helpful if you want to make your retreat an annual event. Listen to this episode to hear how Maelisa and Amber designed a system for keeping track of money for their group retreats.

How productive will you really be?

The real purpose of a group retreat is to create a space and time for you to really focus on your business goals. Planning the retreat with people that are in the same industry can be extremely helpful for generating ideas and staying on task. One way to increase productivity is to not have to worry about cooking or cleaning. Communicate with your retreat attendees beforehand and plan out how you all will handle the cooking and cleaning. Will you eat out each night, order takeout, hire a private chef? There are many ways to alleviate the mundane tasks so that you can really focus on being productive in your business. Maelisa and Amber have loads of productivity tips to share to help you plan your retreat, if you want to hear them all you’ll have to listen to episode 20 of My Biz Bestie.

Plan a fun surprise

One thing that can make group retreats more special is to plan a surprise for the members. Each year Maelisa and Amber have planned something different to surprise their retreat attendees. Sometimes it has been a gift, sometimes it was an experience. Planning a special surprise is a great way to make the group retreat more memorable and fun. When planning a surprise you want to be conscious of the people that are involved especially since you are using their money. One way to be money conscious is to take advantage of large group discounts, having a large group can mean getting great deals. Listen to this episode for some fantastic tips on surprises and how to receive the best value for your group’s money.

In this episode…

  • [1:22] How to plan a group retreat

  • [3:43] What kind of retreat do you want to have?

  • [6:03] Get info on the house ahead of time

  • [8:00] How to deal with the money

  • [11:21] How to plan food and drinks

  • [16:22] How productive will you really be?

  • [18:10] Cleaning may be an issue

  • [23:12] Who gets the awesome bedroom?

  • [29:22] Plan a fun surprise

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