It’s a Landmark Day for the My Biz Bestie Podcast. This is our first episode recorded live in-person and on-location. We are bringing some good stuff to your ears today from Atlanta, GA at the International ADHD Conference. It is the perfect backdrop to talk about one of our favorite things to do with your Biz Bestie: Work Retreats! 

Do you have that ever-growing list of stuff that just needs to get done? Us too! One of our favorite ways to knock out that list and get stuff done is to plan a Retreat. From a personal retreat where you just get away for a little while or a retreat filled with quality time with your whole business Tribe, we want to discuss how to plan your trip, what has worked well for us, and what you can expect on the productivity end. 

Biz Bestie retreats are an easy way to get a change of pace and a change of scenery. Moving out of your typical work environment does something magical to get the creative juices working again. We want to make this process as easy for you as possible. Join us this week to take the first steps towards a retreat that is both fun and super productive. It’s time to get sh*t done! 

Retreats are good when you need to get creative.

Show Highlights:

  • How to take a personal GSD, plus our favorite locations.

  • Ways to rock your next Biz Bestie retreat.

  • Why group retreats can be flexible, fun and affordable.

  • Don’t make our previous scheduling goof-ups with a few scheduling tips.

  • Make sure your group is on the same page with your schedule.

  • Find a way to balance fun with productivity.

  • The Tribe and your Besties can be a powerful productivity tool.

  • Systems for having a shared project and a shared focus.

  • The benefits and setbacks of a week-long retreat.

  • Make sure you are using a system that works for you.


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