Since we’ve already established that Myers-Briggs personality types are one of our favorite things to talk about, we’ll jump right into the specifics of each of the 4 Spectrums. Are you Introverted or Extroverted? Intuitive or Sensing? Feeling or Thinking? Judging or Perceiving? Some of these scales have misleading names that can lead to a misunderstanding about what it means for personality types. Some of the scales have gotten a bad reputation that we are here to rectify! Regardless, we are going to have a little fun today talking about the 16 Personalities. 

The great thing about Myers-Briggs is that everything is a spectrum. It’s not all yes or no.

We won’t stop at describing the personality traits. No, we are here to show you just how powerful of a tool Myers-Briggs personality types can be when developing business relationships and life partnerships. You don’t have to be the exact same personality type to make a supportive friendship work! We want to explain to you all the beautiful ways that our differences can make us stronger. Not only that, but we will also explain why having a like-minded Biz Bestie can make running your business a little more enjoyable. We hope you will come and Fangirl with us a little bit today! 

Show Highlights:

  • How we use Myers-Briggs in our careers, as well as in our business relationships.

  • The 16 Personalities explained, and the myths debunked.

  • Find out the most important letters to have in common with your partner, or your Biz Bestie!

  • You don’t have to have the same Myers-Briggs to be Biz Besties!

  • A discussion of the frustrations that can happen on opposite ends of the spectrum.

  • Habits you can develop to maximize your strengths and work through your weaknesses.