Episode 36 is a bit of a nostalgic one for Maelisa and Amber since they reminisce on how they met. On this episode they discuss the book Get Rich Lucky Bitch. The dynamic duo actually met while reading this book as part of an online book club. They both grew to be huge fans of the author, Denise Duffield-Thomas. Your money mindset can be a bit of a woo-woo topic, but having the right mindset about money really does impact every part of your life. How you think about money can affect your business, your relationships, and your home life. Listen to this episode to hear how to maximize your money mindset.

What you focus on is what you will manifest

Yes, manifesting is totally a woo-woo topic, but there is a bit of science behind it. If you make something your focus and you concentrate on achieving it you can change the outcome by changing behaviors that open up new opportunities. Changing your mindset about a topic like money will change your beliefs about what you can make happen. The stories that you tell yourself impact what you do and how you act. Amber was able to help change the way she thinks about money by no longer telling people that she likes to spend money as much as she makes it. Something as small as this can really affect behavior. Whatever you focus your mind on will expand this can be either in a positive or in a negative way. Listen to this episode to learn how to manifest a good money mindset.


Money is a huge piece of making your entrepreneurial journey more fun

You may be wondering why a show that focuses on business relationships is discussing money. That is because money is such a big piece of your entrepreneurial journey. If you can improve your relationship with money, your entrepreneurial journey will be much more fun. Money has much more to do with emotions than you think, it’s not just numbers. Changing your emotional response to money is a big step toward changing your money mindset. Listen to this important episode about money mindset to help you make your entrepreneurial journey more fun.

Money is a constant growth area

Unfortunately, you can’t simply change your money mindset and then walk away. As you and your business change and grow you must continually reassess your relationship with money. Like every other relationship you have, you’re always working through something when it comes to money. Your money mindset must continue to grow and evolve as you make more money. You also need to be wary of how other people’s money mindset issues can hold you back. Surround yourself with people that have a good relationship with money to help you to improve your money mindset. Listen to this episode to hear tips on how to change your money mindset and continue to grow with your money.

If you constantly compare yourself to others you will never measure up

It is can be easy to stress out when you compare yourself with other people. You need to remember that not everyone is completely honest about how much money they have made. When someone says that they made a million dollars, they may not be disclosing that they actually spent 1.2 million to get there. When you put pressure on yourself you cannot enjoy your successes. Remember that not every business will make millions of dollars. It is important to consider what rich means to you. Listen to this episode and post a picture of yourself listening on your Instagram page. Be sure to tag us @MyBizBestie for a chance to win the book Get Rich Lucky Bitch!

In this episode…

  • [1:12] Maelisa and Amber reminisce on how they met

  • [2:50] Money mindset affects not just your business but your every day life

  • [6:44] Is there a science behind manifesting?

  • [9:38] A huge mindset shift takes place in girls during puberty

  • [12:12] Amber has changed her story when it comes to money

  • [16:16] In a relationship, there can be differing mindsets on money

  • [18:24] If you constantly compare yourself to others you will never measure up

  • [26:22] Not every business is meant to make a million dollars

  • [28:15] Post a picture of you listening to this episode on your Instagram page and tag us @MyBizBestie

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