Learn how to deal with perfectionism on this episode of My Biz Bestie. Do you struggle as a perfectionist? Amber is a recovering perfectionist, and although she claims that she has zero f***s to give, occasionally her perfectionist tendencies get the better of her. You can be a perfectionist and learn how to not have everything perfect 100% of the time. On this episode, you will learn helpful tips on how to deal with perfectionism and strategies you can use to improve your work and yourself.

There is a fine line between professional looking work and being perfect

Even if you struggle with perfectionism you can still appreciate something that looks professional and polished and you can learn to accept that it is not perfect. However just because something isn’t perfect doesn’t mean that it is unprofessional. Your work should still continue to be good. What is important is that the content is excellent but it is ok if the packaging needs a bit of a shine. If you feel overwhelmed, hiring someone to do something to help out is a great way to eliminate the pressure of being overworked. Where do you draw the line between perfectionism and professional?


Timing is everything

We all have times of day when we are at our optimal performance. When is yours? It is important to know when you are not going to be your best and make sure that you don’t schedule important work during this time. It feels awful when you don’t present your best work to the world. One way to ensure that you are working on something during your best time is to prioritize and decide what you need to focus on during different times of the day. How do you deal with scheduling your work? Listen to this episode to hear how knowing your optimal time of day can help you do your best work.

How to deal with perfectionism when you are also a procrastinator

There is a terrible paradox that perfectionists frequently procrastinate. This is due to the fact that they are worried that they won’t do their best work so they keep putting things off and they end up sabotaging themselves. When you don’t give yourself time to truly prepare then you certainly don’t do your best work. There are some things that you can do your best work at the last minute, but there are other things that need plenty of preparation. This is when it is important to prioritize your time and decide what you need to focus on. Sometimes you can’t just power through and get things done. There are some projects that won’t wait until the last minute. Let us know how you deal with your perfectionism in the comments!

Do you let self-talk bring you down?

One area that is the most challenging for the perfectionist is self-talk. If a perfectionist misses a deadline or does less than optimal work then they can beat themselves up. Rather than beating yourself up over something that was less than perfect, think about how you could have done better. Learn how to set yourself up for success the next time. There is no shame in not doing your best work, just try and learn from your mistake and move forward. You can use your inner circle or biz bestie to help give you honest feedback so that you can learn from your mistake.

In this episode…

  • [1:12] There is a fine line between perfectionism and having it look professional

  • [6:04] Know when you are not going to be your best

  • [10:22] Perfectionists are often procrastinators

  • [14:44] Know your optimal times of day

  • [18:44] Are you letting self-talk bring you down?

  • [21:42] Timing matters

  • [25:33] Having a community can help

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