My Biz Bestie biz hero, Denise Duffield-Thomas, joins the besties to talk about money archetypes, personality tests, and her new book Chillpreneur. You have probably heard Maelisa and Amber gush over Denise Duffield-Thomas (or DDT to the biz besties) on previous episodes. She is actually part of the My Biz Bestie origin story! DDT is a money mindset mentor that helps you understand your relationship with money so that you can actually make money. She has written 2 previous books: Lucky Bitch, and Get Rich Lucky Bitch, and most recently she has published Chillpreneur. Listen to this exciting biz hero episode to learn how you can use the money archetypes to better your relationship with money.

What is Chillpreneur about?

Denise Duffield-Thomas’s previous books Lucky Bitch and Get Rich Lucky Bitch were game changers for so many women entrepreneurs. So many people are excited to read her newest book Chillpreneur. Chillpreneur is all about finding your own path to business. Everyone is in a different phase of their life and Chillpreneur will help you find the essence of what works for you in your business. Many people think that to be an entrepreneur you have to work super hard all the time, but the truth is your business should work for your lifestyle. If your definition of a first-class life has changed over time then your business needs to change with that mindset.


How do you decide what the next step in your business will be?

So if you do realize that your business is no longer working to help you achieve the kind of life that you want, how do you change it? You need to learn how to Konmari your business. Ask yourself, does it spark joy? Think about what the next stage of your business should look like. What kind of mental and energetic space does your business take up in your life? Being more deliberate with your time and your business will help you decide how to level up. No one is going to graduate you to the next level. You have to do that yourself. You may even have to leave some clients behind if you don’t find that they fit into the new definition of what your business is.

How can knowing more about yourself help you in your business?

Any personality test can help you with your business. The more you know yourself the more you can apply that knowledge to your business. Personality tests can help you understand your strengths and your weaknesses. When you understand your personality traits you can better understand what you value and how to work with people. Do you have a favorite personality test? There is a short list in the resources section if you need some inspiration.

What are the money archetypes?

Knowing your money archetype can help you understand your relationship with money so you can make more of it and become a more successful entrepreneur. Here are the money archetypes explained:

  • Nurturers are over-givers with big hearts. They can have a hard time becoming entrepreneurs because they just want to give, give, give. Nurturers want to create more good in the world

  • Connectors bring people together. They have an eye for collaboration and match-making.

  • Alchemists are idea generators and manifestors. They can change the world.

  • Accumulators are really good with money. They are often quite frugal and balk at the idea of debt.

  • Romantics love ease and flow and beauty. They can be lazy but should embrace passive income.

  • Celebrities also love flow and beauty but they want the spotlight all on themselves. They have the ability to teach self-worth and self-care, but often don’t want to live with the reality of their money situation.

  • Mavericks are risk-takers and rebels. They are bold and can be great entrepreneurs.

You can take the free money archetype quiz to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to money.

In this episode…

  • [5:12] What is Chillpreneur about?

  • [10:22] How can knowing more about yourself help you in your business?

  • [15:47] Learning the money archetypes

  • [26:35] Learn more about Denise

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