Biz besties, Julie Fry and Nikki Rausch, join Maelisa and Amber in episode 30 of My Biz Bestie. Just because these two run different types of businesses doesn’t stop their business friendship. They have found that having a biz bestie with someone in a completely different niche to be really helpful. Julie leads a community of mom entrepreneurs. She knows all about the importance of getting to meet with people in real life and helps to facilitate that with inclusive live events. Nikki is a sales coach, speaker, and trainer. She understands the relationship side of selling and teaches people how to be authentic in a non-salesy way. Listen to this episode to hear how they found each other and how they are able to help each other generate ideas even though they are in different niches.

What is their business friendship like?

These two besties met when Julie reached out to Nikki after someone had mentioned that Nikki was an amazing sales coach and speaker. After Nikki spoke at Julie’s event, Nikki was so impressed that she wanted to join Julie’s organization even though she wasn’t a mom.  Although they live somewhat locally, they only meet in real life about every quarter. They do have a weekly phone meeting that they are sure to never miss. One amazing way that they keep their business friendship so positive is by starting each phone call by sharing one win they had that week. If you want to hear more about how they help motivate each other listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie.


Their business friendship has morphed as their businesses have

They began their relationship as accountability partners but Julie and Nikki are both self-motivated so they realized they didn’t need as much accountability as they thought when they first began their friendship. Over time their relationship naturally morphed into one of idea generation instead. Now it is more of an idea exchange. Both Nikki and Julie have amazing ideas that they love sharing with each other. They often come up with ideas to help each other’s business as well. Even after two years of business friendship they still continue to add value to each other. Listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie to hear how their relationship has changed over time as their businesses have grown.

What is the biggest value in their relationship?

Nikki feels that the biggest value in their business friendship is having a trusted partner with whom she can lay all her cards on the table. She can show her whole messy life to Julie. Also, because Julie is more extroverted, she makes Nikki get out there and participate with others in real life. She has found that Julie has pushed her a bit outside her comfort zone and this has helped her business grow. They both agree that the best relationships bring out the best in each person. Julie feels that Nikki is so helpful that she makes Julie become the best version of herself. Have you found a biz bestie relationship that brings out the best in you? Listen to Julie and Nikki share what is so special about their relationship on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

What are their tips for other biz besties?

One tip that they share is to find an accountability partner who is in a similar stage of their business. If someone is way ahead of you in their business building stage it can make you feel weird and throw your relationship off balance. Try and ensure that both biz besties are on similar trajectories. Another way to define the biz bestie relationship is to set some parameters at the beginning of the relationship. Give it a try to see if the relationship is a good fit for a quarter. You want to make sure that the relationship will serve both you and your business well. Julie and Nikki have some more amazing tips, but you’ll only get them if you listen to episode 30 of My Biz Bestie.

In this episode…

  • [2:12] Meet Julie Fry and Nikki Rausch

  • [4:43] Check out our GSD Retreat

  • [5:45] How did they meet?

  • [7:11] How often do they meet in real life?

  • [12:13] Their relationship has morphed as their businesses have

  • [14:53] Have they had biz besties in the past?

  • [19:55] What was Julie thinking when she first looked for an accountability partner?

  • [23:03] What is the biggest value in their relationship?

  • [25:15] What are their biz bestie tips?

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