Do you know how to hire the right person? We are all looking for a unicorn, that perfect person to help you with all of your needs. You know they must be out there, but how do you find the right person for the job and then keep them on? Hiring and retaining good people is a huge struggle for all business owners. If you struggle with finding the right help for your business, you’ll want to listen to episode 48 of My Biz Bestie as Maelisa and Amber share useful tips on how to hire the right person to meet all of your needs.

How to hire the right person (or find your unicorn)

Do you keep hiring people that don’t end up being a good fit? Are you sick of interviewing people that don’t have the skills you are looking for? Try to envision the perfect person. Think of their abilities, their personality, their skills. This is your unicorn. If you could find that perfect person, what would they be like? Define your unicorn. Before you even begin the hiring process write down all the characteristics that your unicorn should have. Once you have all of this written down then you can come up with the right job description.


Get creative

Get creative in the way you look for your unicorn. One of the benefits of having your own business is that you can get creative in the way that you look for a job candidate. You’re not a corporation, so use your company’s unique characteristics in your job description to let potential candidates get a feel for your company culture. You can come up with a catchy job title and create a detailed process in which people respond to the job application. This creativity does an amazing job of weeding out candidates that don’t fit your criteria. Remember, you’re not looking for someone to just cover the bare basics. You want to find someone who can do all the tasks you need and who understands your company culture. What creative ideas have you implemented in your search to hire the right person?

Clarity is key to finding your unicorn

If you are trying to find the perfect employee then you have to be absolutely clear about what you need. Be clear about your expectations, in your instructions during the application process, and come up with a well-defined interview process. Creating an entire system around the hiring process will narrow the broad field of applicants and help you discover your unicorn. What have you done to clarify your application process to help you find the right person for the job?

Interview strategies you can use

There are different interview strategies that you can use to help you hone in on the right person. Amber uses a multi-step hiring process to help her find the right people. After the initial job application, her assistant conducts a phone interview to ensure that the candidates have the qualifications that she is looking for. She then conducts a somewhat informal face to face interview which is followed by a more detailed interview where she can really assess the potential employee’s skills. What is your interview process like? Listen to this episode to hear tips on how to hire the right person for the job.

In this episode…

  • [2:12] How to find your unicorn

  • [4:38] Get creative in the way you look for your ideal candidate

  • [8:18] Money mindset can be a barrier to hiring

  • [11:08] Clarity in the job description is so important

  • [16:22] Structure in the interview process can make the candidate search a breeze

  • [20:43] How to create the right interview questions

  • [31:26] Go with your gut

  • [35:48] Define your unicorn

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