Stacey Ogden joins Maelisa and Amber today to find a bestie. Stacey is a busy working mom that loves building her side hustle. She needs to build a business friendship with some entrepreneur friends because no one at her day job understands what she is going through. She loves her teacher friends but is looking to find a bestie that understands what it is like to work full-time, be a great mom, and build a business on the side. Stacey is an expert when it comes to time management and loves to help others master their to-do-lists. Listen to this episode to hear Stacey’s story, who knows she may be your next biz bestie!

What does Stacey do?

Stacey has been trying her hand at entrepreneurship for years. She is not afraid to fail, she started as an entrepreneur with network marketing until she realized that she was terrible at it. She found her niche by developing a blog called Creating My Happiness. She loved it so much that she began a podcast called the Busy Mom Collective, she just forgot to tell anyone about it. Over time Stacey has gotten better at marketing and branding, but her true expertise is time management. Stacey loves to help people become the master of their to-do-lists. Listen to this episode to hear Stacey tell of her trials and tribulations as an entrepreneur.


Why does Stacey need a biz bestie?

Stacey is looking for a business friendship to have someone to talk to about entrepreneurship. Stacey has plenty of teacher friends, but they don’t understand what it’s like to build a side business from scratch. She would love to find someone that also has a full-time job and is building a business on the side. She is an expert in time management and even helps busy moms tackle their to-do-lists. Stacey would love to find someone that also uses structure to help them plan their days. Listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie to find out if Stacey would be the right biz bestie for you.

Why was the Podcast Movement a challenge for Stacey?

As an ISTJ, throwing herself out there into big networking events can be a challenge. Stacey met Maelisa and Amber at Podcast Movement and she also met several other people whom she hit it off with as well. She found a way to balance her needs at the Podcast Movement conference and she was able to meet people and then retreat into her solitary hotel room oasis. She enjoyed the conference in spite of her introverted nature and found a few connections there that she may interview on her podcast or simply follow up with to say hi. Stacey is able to balance being an introvert and getting out to networking events to meet people. Listen to this episode to hear how Stacey balances her introverted nature and her desire to network with other entrepreneurs.

How will Stacey look for a bestie?

Stacey is looking for a biz bestie that is walking a similar path. She thinks that meeting up with weekly or bi-weekly calls would be a great way to structure the friendship. Beginning a friendship as an accountability partner is a fantastic idea. Stacey realizes that a trial period for a budding friendship might be a good plan. One way for her to meet people in the online space. Facebook groups are excellent ways to see if a person is a good fit, and Facebook Messenger is an ideal way to begin a connection. Listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie as Maelisa and Amber walk Stacey through the steps of finding a biz bestie.

In this episode…

  • [3:12] What does Stacey do?

  • [5:45] Why does she need a biz bestie?

  • [10:40] What is her local scene like?

  • [13:43] Going to Podcast Movement was a huge challenge for her

  • [21:55] What are Stacey interests?

  • [25:15] What is her goal for her business?

  • [31:42] How will she look for her bestie?

  • [36:55] Facebook is a great way to find people

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