On this episode of My Biz Bestie, Maelisa and Amber embark on a challenge: to find a business bestie for Vickie Maris. Vickie met Maelisa and Amber at Social Media Marketing World and was intrigued by the idea of finding a biz bestie. The gals thought that this would be a fantastic idea for an episode. Consider this the Tinder of podcast episodes, but for biz besties! Vickie shares a bit about her life and why she is looking for a business bestie on episode 28 of My Biz Bestie. Listen in to hear if she is just right for you!

Vickie knows how to multi-task

Vickie Maris is not someone who has all her eggs in one basket. To say that she has a diverse range of interests is a huge understatement. Vickie lives out in the country, where she raises all kinds of animals from horses, to llamas, to rabbits. She has two podcasts, she has helped her aging parents write their memoirs, she is a course designer, and works at a university. Vickie does not know how to do just one thing. Does this sound like you? Are you innately curious and want to find a way to do it all? Listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie to see if Vickie might seem like the right business bestie for you!


Everyone tells her to just niche down

Vickie Maris doesn’t want to niche down. A lifelong learner, she is naturally curious and wants to implement her entire wealth of ideas. Vickie also has a day job and a farm, and aging parents whom she helps care for. She realizes that networking is important and is excited to make connections with people who understand what she does and all the terminology that goes with it. She is hungry for conversations about marketing or online courses. Vickie would love to find a biz bestie who is also building a business on the side. Listen to this episode to hear about Vickie’s journey. Who knows, maybe your biz bestie is waiting to meet you.

How do you find a biz bestie?

Finding a biz bestie is a bit like dating. Maelisa and Amber have mentioned this several times in various episodes of this podcast. Some people might think it a bit odd when you mention that you are looking for a biz bestie. This is why Vickie simply mentions that she is interested in networking. Networking is a great way to find a business bestie. You never know who you might connect with when you are networking. There are many ways to network: you can find different Facebook groups, Meetup events, connect through LinkedIn, have a virtual coffee date, or even a real one. Networking is key to finding a biz bestie and connecting with like-minded business owners who can begin to understand what you are going through. Listen to this helpful conversation to hear great ways to network and find the business bestie that is just right for you.

What does a biz bestie mean to you?

A business support system is integral to helping grow your business. Biz besties can help you to keep your perspective while you think about building your business and growing personally. Mindset can be the biggest challenge to growing any business. This is where the biz bestie comes in. A business bestie can help you get into the right frame of mind, they can be someone with whom you can bounce ideas off of, or share the ups and downs of your day. Listen to this episode to hear how you can begin to find your biz bestie so that you can find someone to support you with your ideas, successes, and failures.

In this episode…

  • [2:12] Getting to know Vickie Maris

  • [10:02] a business support system can help you grow

  • [13:04] She is hungry for conversation

  • [19:08] It is important for her to be on the same journey as her biz bestie

  • [27:40] Has she connected with anyone on LinkedIn?

  • [29:22] How to make connections

  • [39:05] What kind of ideas does she now have?

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