How can facing your fears help you to empower yourself and succeed in your business? Mai-kee Tsang from the Quiet Rebels Podcast knows a thing or two about facing her fears. She has an amazing story to share with the My Biz Bestie audience. Her story is painful but it will make an impact on you. You will learn that you can empower yourself by overcoming your fears. Please sit down and have a listen, but do know that from about 12:45-13:45 she opens up about a violent traumatic event and you may want to skip over that section if you are triggered by violence. Discover how much you can empower yourself by facing those fears. This episode may change you. 

Why the Quiet Rebels Podcast?

There is so much in a name. The name Quiet Rebels speaks volumes, but why did Mai-kee choose that as the name of her podcast? She believes that in this ever busy world, you don’t have to be the loudest one in the room to make yourself heard. Sometimes the best plan of action is to softly have a human touch. Quiet rebels are bold in their thinking and quiet in their actions. Have you ever created a quiet yet powerful change in your life? In someone else’s life?


How did she get started?

It may not seem like a big deal but Mai-kee’s first act of rebellion was to not forge ahead with her field of study. Mai-kee studied psychology in school and was ‘supposed’ to become a psychologist. But she knew that it wasn’t the path for her. After she finally broke free from an abusive relationship she realized that she had been coasting through life all along. She knew that she never wanted to feel hopeless again. After a bit of self-care, she decided to become a coach and help others. That’s when she joined the online community that would change her whole trajectory.

Empower yourself by overcoming your fears

In the online community of over 10,000 people, the leader ran a challenge. He was offering a 1-year mentorship to the winner of the challenge. Mai-kee knew she had to have that mentorship. She knew that it would be the answer to everything. The challenge was 7 days of overcoming fears. She started out with a bang. She learned so much from facing her fears head-on from the big, scary fears of nightmares to the silly ones that help you loosen up and let go. Listen to find out what the biggest lesson she learned from that challenge was. 

Is fear something you can conquer?

Fear isn’t something silly, it actually comes from a place of self-protection. Your fears are there to keep you safe. Mai-kee faced her fears in an incredibly public way. Does this mean that she has stood atop a mountain and conquered them? By facing her fears, she has learned how to empower herself and you can empower yourself too. Find out just how far your business can go when you learn to empower yourself by facing your own fears. Let Maelisa and Amber know if you have any fears holding you back. How will you face them?

In this episode…

  • [3:12] What made her want to create the podcast?

  • [8:33] How has her past trauma made her stronger?

  • [12:45] *Trigger warning* Mai-kee’s account of physical abuse

  • [13:53] Her negative experiences have shown her how capable she can be

  • [16:55] How did one group challenge change her trajectory?

  • [30:14] It can be easy to forget your successes

  • [35:45] Winning the contest was no longer her primary driver

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