This episode of My Biz Bestie is all about dealing with overwhelm and discovering the root causes. Why do you get overwhelmed and how do you avoid it? Often people offer the advice of practicing self-care. But self-care is not just about taking baths, getting a massage, or enjoying a cup of tea. These are great things to do, but they won’t help much if you are truly feeling overwhelmed. Simple band-aid fixes can’t make changes to the bigger picture. If you are feeling overwhelmed in your business and in your life you will definitely want to hear this episode of My Biz Bestie as Maelisa and Amber discuss the root causes that lead people to feel overwhelmed in their business and life and they give concrete ideas on how to fix it.

What are your priorities?

Your priorities may not align with the level of success that you expect to achieve. If you have small children at home or if you are in your first year of business you may be expecting too much from your business. Think about where you are in your life and tailor your expectations to fit your life. One bad habit that many people have is to compare themselves with others. If you are a 40-year-old mom of three you cannot compare your business success with that of a 25-year-old single person. Amber and Maelisa have some wonderful advice to share about adjusting priorities and expectations and how this helps when dealing with overwhelm. Listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie to hear more.


How are you managing your expectations?

A lot of overwhelm has to do with not living up to your expectations. If you are constantly setting the bar too high, then that constant nagging sense of failure leads to feeling overwhelmed. There are two simple things you can do to fix this, change your expectations or change your behavior. Once you start achieving realistic goals it will lead to positive momentum and will diminish the feeling of overwhelm. Another way to live up to your goals is to take smaller steps to achieve those goals. Listen to this episode to hear different ways to help you manage your expectations and set realistic goals for yourself and your business so that you don’t feel so overwhelmed.

Are you using your energy wisely?

One big sign that you are becoming overwhelmed can be that you forget to prioritize tasks. Have you found that you spend endless amounts of time on small tasks? This could be a sign that you need a break. Many people use a time-blocking method to help manage this. There are always things that don’t light you up in your business that need to be done but try not to spend so much time on these tasks. If you can, outsource them. Try and stick with your own zone of genius. What is your ideal timing? Figuring out what time of day to spend on different tasks is a great way to use your energy. Maelisa and Amber have interesting ideas to help when dealing with overwhelm, listen to episode 23 to learn more.

This simple task can help when dealing with overwhelm

Maelisa discovered a simple way to help deal with overwhelm in her own life. She has found that writing down her daily goals helps to plan a calendar. This also helps to ensure that she is realistic about her own expectations. Writing things down can also help with finding hot spots and managing time to help her find the best time of day to do things. Maelisa’s advice for dealing with overwhelm is: delete it, delegate it, automate it or get realistic. Listen to her elaborate on these tips on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

In this episode…

  • [1:22] Getting to the root of overwhelm

  • [4:22] What is the cause of being overwhelmed?

  • [7:56] What is the next step?

  • [9:44] Do not compare yourself to others

  • [12:06] A lot of overwhelm has to do with not living up to your expectations

  • [19:17] Are you using your energy wisely?

  • [25:53] How does Maelisa manage overwhelm?

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