Katie Vernoy and Curt Widhalm join Maelisa and Amber on the podcast for a My Biz Bestie first. Curt is the first guy to join the show, proving that biz besties can even be biz bros! Curt and Katie share their origin story, get real about their friendship, and share the juicy details on their joint business and how they are able to balance each other out. Katie and Curt have so much fun with their witty banter. You won’t want to miss this episode, so be sure to hit play to join in on the fun.

Curt and Katie have a special origin story

Curt and Katie are both licensed marriage and family therapists in the L.A. area. Katie helps other therapists sustain their businesses without burnout. Curt is a therapist to high achieving teens. They are both super active in the local therapist community. The two met at a conference with a local business organization and immediately the knew that they could be friends by spotting their similarly snarky banter in each other. Curt eventually cut to the chase and directly asked Katie if they could be BFF’s. When you listen to their friendship origin story, you’ll immediately be on the lookout for your own BFF wherever you go.


Why did they go into business together?

Curt and Katie were always having fantastic therapist-related conversations that other therapists never seemed to have. They are focused more on how to make better therapists, what makes therapy good, rather than the latest techniques and methods that everyone else was getting caught up with. Since they had such awesome conversations with each other they thought that they should share them with everyone else, that’s when they decided to go into business together. They started the Modern Therapist’s Survival Guide podcast and the Therapy Reimagined Conference in hopes to successfully bring the individual message of therapists out and better family therapy. Listen to this episode to hear how Katie and Curt evolved their business friendship into a business partnership.

How do Curt and Katie balance each other out?

Through their business, they both have planned meeting times to work together, but they also email and text a lot in an unscheduled fashion. They both are very passionate and tend to work a lot. They both bring grit to the table. Curt is more of a big picture guy and Katie prefers to focus on the details. Most importantly their visions for the future of their business and the future of family therapy align. They attribute their success to the fact that they are both follow through people. They are able to divide labor amongst their strengths and have fun while they work. Listen to this episode to hear how business besties Curt and Katie strike a balance in their working relationship.

These business besties know how to lift each other up

Katie claims that Curt is the little brother that she never wanted. But seriously, she feels that he helps her always stay focused on her big-picture vision. Curt feels that their business friendship is important because he has found someone who really gets him and can put up with his antics. They met networking and feel that if you are looking for a biz bestie then it is important to build relationships. Networking doesn’t mean just handing out business cards. You have to put yourself out there and make yourself available. Listen to this episode to hear business besties, Curt and Katie, give tips on how to build an amazing business friendship of your own.

In this episode…

  • [3:12] How did they meet?

  • [6:50] What do they do in business together?

  • [9:48] How long ago did they meet?

  • [14:31] How do they structure their relationship?

  • [18:30] How do they stay on track?

  • [22:42] What is the biggest benefit of their biz bestie relationship?

  • [25:00] Tips for someone looking for a biz bestie relationship?

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