Who are the folks in your entrepreneurial support system? Biz besties Rhonda Peterson and Teresa McCloy join the My Biz Bestie podcast to discuss their biz bestie relationship and how it is a part of their overall entrepreneurial support system. Rhonda is an executive coach for financial services and a 7 on the Enneagram. Teresa is an executive coach that works with small businesses and entrepreneurs. She is a type 3 on the Enneagram. Together they are a perfect 10. Find out how their biz bestie relationship plays a role in their business support system and why they are such a (super) match by listening to this episode of My Biz Bestie. 

Their origin story

Teresa was a brand new VA who was thinking of getting into coaching. She and Rhonda were in the same online group for executive coaches. When Teresa was traveling to Columbus for an event she reached out to the group to see if anyone lived there. Rhonda not only met up with her for coffee but invited Teresa into her home and fed her dinner. They made an immediate and deep connection that didn’t stop in Columbus. The rest is history. 


What does their communication look like? 

Formal meetings or scheduled weekly calls are not their jam. Teresa and Rhonda are at best, Inconsistent. Rhonda likes to spice things up by randomly communicating through different channels. She may call, text, email, voxxer, or send a message in a bottle. Okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the picture. They don’t always follow each other’s advice but sometimes they just need an ear. These biz besties are able to hold each other accountable and often support each other in one of the groups that they always seem to be together in. They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and are there to showcase everything that their biz bestie can do. 

How does their biz bestie relationship play a part in their overall entrepreneurial support system?

One always has to wonder if the biz bestie relationship is a monogamous one. But the truth is, having only one other person to rely on is not an entrepreneurial support system, its a partnership. If you are looking for a business support system then you’ll need to develop other business relationships aside from the biz bestie. Rhonda and Teresa both have others in their 3 am circle. It’s important to have a few close relationships that you can call at 3 am, that’s what makes a support system work. 

How to find a biz bestie

It’s easy to see Maelisa and Amber or Teresa and Rhonda and wonder how you can get that level of relationship. Finding a biz bestie can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. One common theme throughout most of the biz bestie stories is the same language. You don’t have to look for someone doing the exact same thing as you, but it helps if you share the industry or speak the same language. Look for someone that runs in your circles. It helps to meet someone face to face, so be on the lookout at conferences and events. Who have you seen again and again in the same spaces? Being an entrepreneur can be isolating and finding a biz bestie can help make your entrepreneurial journey less lonely and a lot more fun. 

In this episode…

  • [6:55] Their origin story

  • [12:35] How to find a biz bestie

  • [16:29] What does their communication look like?

  • [21:55] Have they had biz besties in the past?

  • [29:39] What advice do they have?

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