Have you ever wondered if you building business relationships through social media could actually lead somewhere? Eboni Harris and Eliza Boquin were curious if they were the only minority therapists in Houston. After meeting each other through social media they knew they had to meet in person. A short time later they knew that there must be more therapists of color. Their first happy hour event for therapists of color was attended by a surprising number of guests and they knew they were on to something. Both Eboni and Eliza share a passion for spreading mental health awareness in minority communities and have created a podcast, a national directory of therapists, and a networking community. Listen to their story on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

How they built their business relationship through social media and networking

Their biz bestie love story is pretty amazing since they are the first My Biz Bestie interviewees who actually met through social media. Finding other black and brown therapists was a challenge. Both Eliza and Eboni are relationship therapists in Houston with a passion for changing the face of therapy. Although only one of them thrives in the networking environment they both understand the power of networking which is why they have created networking events to connect therapists of color.


How did they work out the logistics of how to partner together?

The besties agree that it helped that they were not friends first before starting their partnership. They were both businesswomen first and foremost and understood that they were filling a valuable niche in their community. Both were very clear in their expectations from the getgo and laid out a contract from the beginning. They attribute their successful partnership in their communication skills and the fact that they are both therapists who understand the importance of clarity. Listen to Eliza and Eboni discuss the importance of communication in their bestie relationship and in their business on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

How do they communicate?

As biz besties that are also biz partners, they have different communication channels for different types of communication. If they are just chatting socially they text. Eboni and Eliza love using Slack, Trello, and Dropbox to communicate business needs. They find the different channels in Slack to be helpful for arranging chat topics. Trello can be fun and pretty, especially for those that are visually inclined. They also schedule a weekly meeting where they go over their goals for the week and discuss the previous week’s happenings. How do you communicate with your biz bestie?

How do they encourage others to find community?

These ladies are passionate about finding community. They know that their relationship helps them balance their strengths and push each other to be their best. They have learned from each other and challenge each other to do better. Their advice to others is to test the waters of a relationship first. Also, if a relationship isn’t there, then create it. Many people are out there sitting on the sidelines afraid to put themselves out there. Sometimes you have to be the one to make the first move. Are you ready to make a move and find your biz bestie? If so, check out the My Biz Bestie Networking Master Class. This class could help you find the biz bestie you’ve been waiting for.

In this episode…

  • [1:34] How did they meet?

  • [6:35] When decide to begin building business relationships through networking

  • [10:15] How do they figure out how to partner together?

  • [12:27] How do they schedule communication?

  • [18:57] No matter how different they are their core values are the same

  • [24:44] They even promote healing in other ways

  • [27:58] What kind of systems to they use to communicate?

  • [32:04] How to find community?

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