Build a Legacy & Business with Speaking with Jasmin Haley
I think just being a business owner is a risk, but completely leaving a high-paying (and stressful) industry to pursue a business that you’re not sure will thrive brings a new meaning to risk. But that’s exactly what this week’s guest did. And it paid off.

Jasmin Haley made a big career change from the dental field to higher education and found that she was one of the only black women speaking on that stage. She knew that others like her needed to hear her story. She was already a successful speaker; she opted to make a business of it and share her wisdom with others.

But there were some mindset shifts Jasmin needed to make. She knew that creating boundaries was the key to showing up for herself so she could show up for clients, audience members, and her family.

This week on the podcast, Jasmin shares why you need to share your story too, how to muster up the courage to do so, how to make sure your work is undeniable, and how you can secure paid speaking opportunities with confidence.

You may not have considered adding speaking as a part of your business. Even if the thought of standing up in front of an audience gives you the sweats, I encourage you to tune in. Every business owner can benefit from setting boundaries, getting more visibility, and speaking up for what they believe in.

About Jasmin Haley:
Jasmin Haley, MS, is a nationally-awarded speaker, author, educator, and podcaster dedicated to helping audiences understand that the time is now if they want to make an impact and serve their communities from the heart. Her global consulting firm helps rockstar professionals amplify their voices from the stage. Her inclusive message in burnout, becoming legacy-driven, and how to create presentations that reach the HEART have impacted the lives of her audience members and transformed the professionals she has coached to business growth and successful speaking careers.

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Time Stamps:

[3:05] – The time is NOW if you want to make an impact
[5:02] – More about Jasmin
[6:17] – Sometimes people are overlooked but they don’t have less to contribute
[8:40] – There’s a draw to speaking, even though it’s scary
[10:13] – Stuck with this path after burnout
[12:25] – We struggle with our own worthiness; we have a god given right, birthright to share story
[14:25] – To have the vision since you were a child, then shift, is really scary
[14:56] – Don’t quit your job without a plan
[15:26] – Be undeniable
[16:38] – Our biggest enemy to getting visible is ourselves
[18:55] – What additional value can you bring to speaking so you can get paid and honor yourself
[20:02] – Business is a mental, physical, spiritual journey
[21:30] – If you can’t take space in personal life, you can’t take space in the biz world
[25:29] – We accept things that don’t feel good to us and we end up feeling resentful
[27:40] – You’ve gone through adversity and come out of it; why won’t it happen again when you show up for yourself
[29:00] – You need to trust or believe that if you say “no,” something else will show up – especially if you’re showing up
[29:58] – Confidence needs to happen then you need to curate a foundation that can grow through speaking
[31:12] – What makes your heart sing?
Be aligned with your story and the work that you do
[33:45] – Think about speaking like a regular business
[34:38] – Speaking is a business and there are multiple facets needed to run it
[36:14] – The people selecting speakers for events are talking to one another
[39:56] – Do what you have to do to support yourself in this journey
[40:33] – There are people waiting to hear your story
[41:38] – No one talks about getting a job in transition
[42:17] – Your business should be supporting our life, not giving our life to support our business
[43:42] – If you’re flexible you can find other opportunities that you can leverage into other things
[45:42] – Your biz besties can help support you
[46:20] – Jasmin’s tour of appearances


Amber Hawley 0:01
Business owners are increasingly being pulled in so many directions, feeling like they aren’t reaching their full potential in business and life despite their type aways. With my background as a therapist, entrepreneur, and as dropout with ADHD, I interview and coach high achieving business owners like you who want to stop struggling for success by using psychological systems, strategies, and the occasional care for entation. This is the easily distracted entrepreneur, your place to slay overwhelm perfectionism and shiny object syndrome so that you can get done what matters most to you.

Amber Hawley 0:41
Hello, hello. Welcome to another episode. I’m so glad to have you here. If you’re listening, when this comes out, it is August, which I’ve been talking about August seems like one of those months where it’s naturally a time to get organized and regroup and reassess everything as we get started for q4. And if you are involved with children at all the school year, so it seems like a natural time to kind of get things together.

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Before we get into today’s episode, I wanted to talk about some of the awesome things happening in the inner circle membership. We have been focusing on organizing and kind of reassessing our systems. And in September, we are going to be having an awesome training by my friend Edwin Ruiz, who’s going to talk about setting up your computer. So it can be easily replaced if for some reason something happened to the hardware. So all of your systems and everything your backup. Basically, it’s like a contingency plan for your computer. That is happening in September, as well as our q4 goal planning workshop, which is happening on September 30. All inner circle members get access to the goal planning workshops. And you can also take a listen to August workshop, where we talked about organizing your Google Drive with some tips and tricks for streamlining things. And you know, addressing some of that stuff where you know, I need to do that it would be so helpful. And yet, there never seems to be a good time to prioritize that. That’s kind of the nice part about having some accountability and having somebody schedule something for you. Because then you can show up, take care of it. And frankly, we all know when you get things a little more organized, it makes the rest of your day and week and year run so much smoother. I would love to have you join us in the inner circle. And you can get more information at

Amber Hawley 3:02
Now today’s episode, I get to talk to my wonderful friend, Jasmin Haley. Jasmin is a nationally awarded speaker, author, educator and consultant dedicated to helping audiences understand that the time is now if they want to make an impact and serve their communities from their heart. It was an awesome conversation that Jasmin and I had. And I think we both had some really great awarenesses or we were able to talk about things in a different way that I think you’re gonna find so helpful. I absolutely love Jasmin and the work that she does. And for anybody who is feeling like I’m right there at that tipping point. I got to stop playing small. I got to step up and have my voice heard. This is 100% the episode for you.

Amber Hawley 3:58
Welcome, Jasmin. I’m so excited to have you on the podcast.

Jasmin Haley 4:02
Oh, I can’t wait for this conversation. Thanks for having me.

Amber Hawley 4:06
I know I feel like it’s been a long time coming. We met. Gosh, was it only last year? It’s only last year?

Jasmin Haley 4:15
I know. I’m almost thinking that maybe it was 2020 but

Amber Hawley 4:21
20 Why always 2021 Because I didn’t even join that group until like March or February of 2021. And I’m like how in the world cannot be time has gone. So it feels fast and yet forever. It’s very elastic. Right? That is that is COVID time as we say. So, but yeah, I feel like you know, I got to know you and getting to know your business and I thought this would be who would be the perfect person to come on and talk about gaining visibility through speaking then none other than the legacy speaker herself. So before we get into everything, maybe like let people know a little bit more about Aren’t you and the work you do?

Jasmin Haley 5:02
So hey, y’all. I’m Jasmin Haley, and I am an award winning speaker. I’m a podcaster. And I am a coach consultant. And I have an amazing global consulting firm where we help thought leaders and underestimated professionals who are looking to amplify their voice through speaking. We help them tailor their presentation skills, create their signature talks, and be able to develop the means of creating recurring income through speaking. And we love helping them amplify themselves through the structure, but also in how they market themselves out into the speaker world.

Amber Hawley 5:48
I love that. Yeah. And I love the underestimated professionals. Right.

Jasmin Haley 5:55
Yeah, I’ve been hearing those terms. The first time I’ve heard that is through an amazing woman named Arlen Hamilton. She talks about underestimated business owners, and she’s often looking to give them venture capital opportunities. We’ve heard underrepresented, there’s a shift in the language to show that sometimes there are people who will maybe overlooked, but it doesn’t mean that they’re disempowered, like, it doesn’t mean that they’re less, they have less contribution to the world. And so having those little shifts in our language shows that everyone has a right to tell their story to go out there and make an impact and create a legacy.

Amber Hawley 6:38
I love that. Yeah, I mean, that hit me as different like to hear. I think that’s so great to highlight, too. It’s yeah, people are getting underestimated, but it has nothing to do with their value or how they’re even showing up. Right. That is I think that is a powerful shift. And I had not heard that before. So yeah, I’m guessing people listening that’s resonating with some people like oh, yeah, that’s me. Right?

Jasmin Haley 7:03
Yeah. I’m hearing it more. And I think it’s something that we all should be stating. Because we there’s something about speaking in particular, there’s something about showing up for ourselves. There’s something about having a business that is scary as he double hockey sticks. And we, unfortunately, some of us cower back. Yeah, instead of showing up.

Amber Hawley 7:30
And I think it’s always surprising to like I say this for myself, because I like to be really transparent in my like, my own struggles and process because I think it can be helpful for people, because I do a lot of speaking. And yet, I still feel that I still feel that it’s hard to be fully in my voice, you know, that worry of like, will I be too much? Will it be accepted? Is this good enough? Like all of that stuff, it still comes up and I knowing I’m putting myself out there and doing it? Like I know, other people are feeling that too, if I’m feeling that as well, right? We just know that that’s happening. And and there’s so much there’s so much in our conditioning, especially as women, and there’s just so much with, yeah, people who aren’t getting given shots and chances because people are making assumptions about them based on, you know, their own prejudices. And so, yeah, I think it’s really powerful. And that’s why I think speaking, it’s one of those things. It’s, we know, it’s the number one fear that people have, like public speaking, I still sometimes when I think about it, I get like all sweaty It’s so crazy. But at the same time, I think there’s such a draw to it, because people are like, there’s part of me that really wants to tell my story. Or I want to share all of this wisdom as a professional, and I want to help people like how do you that’s it’s such a great way to impact so many people, right?

Jasmin Haley 8:58
Absolutely. Absolutely. And I think it’s so funny that you mentioned it’s the number one fear, because my previous work was in dentistry, and I always thought it was a dentist. Okay.

Amber Hawley 9:14
No, no, I was like, do you go for those really hard ones? I believe dentists are the number one feared slash hated professionals. Yeah, it’s not really fair. Right? Like you made a niche of that that type of work.

Jasmin Haley 9:29
immediately as soon as you said that, I was like, why Jasmine? Why? Because for years, I was in dentistry specifically and I would have patients that will come in and just listen. It’s not against you, but I hate you like Yes. Okay, open. You know,

Amber Hawley 9:47
I was gonna say as a marriage therapist, I’m going to tell you I get my fair share of hate is what they used to get. They’re like, Oh, wait till we see Amber. I’m going to tell her what you said. I’m like done. Don’t do that. They never want to come see me.

Jasmin Haley 10:06
Yeah, absolutely. But it’s so funny that, you know, I’ve chosen two different paths, and have stuck with this particular one, after experiencing a burnout episode, that led to quite a bit of hospitalizations, and urgent care visits and testing that went unanswered. And when my mother passed away unexpectedly, that was when I started to shift and ask myself, What am I doing with my life because I was sick all the time. Right? I had a lovely family, right? I had a great husband. But I was miserable, right, and my body was showing up, and it was manifesting all of these issues. So I had to make a decision at that point of do I, this, there was two decisions. That was it. And both of them were difficult, staying in that toxic work environment, staying on the path that I was in, that will lead to more health deterioration, or make the decision to use my god given abilities to create something else different than what I thought was going to be my path for the rest of my life. I was one of those people that knew at 13, I was going to be in the dental field. And I knew when I had that academic position, this was where I was going to be, I was going to retire my kids were going to go to school there, I had all of that mapped out. And yet, I needed to step into an unknown field, an unknown industry where I didn’t see anyone like me on the stage is speaking and at that time, and it was scary, it was scary. But being legacy driven, and understanding that the richest place on Earth is the graveyard as Les Brown brings out, that’s where people’s hopes, their dreams, the books that were never written, the talks that were never given on stages, all filled the graveyard, including my mother’s hopes and dreams. And so I needed to think of something bigger than just myself, or my limiting beliefs, to push me forward to make a change and get visible.

Jasmin Haley 12:24
And I think for most of us, who are scared of speaking, we struggle with our own worthiness and understanding we have a God given right in birth, right? To actually go out there and share our story. And especially for women, to get that push me often may need to use someone else as the face of our decision. Yeah, until we muster up enough courage and do enough healing, to then get to the point of saying I do deserve to share my story. So for anyone that’s like on the fence of saying, you know, I’ve been thinking about this forever, and I’ve just haven’t really pushed forward, use your if you have children, if you have a loved one, something else as your stepping stone until you can muster up enough boldness and courage to do it just for yourself, which takes time to heal, and to love ourselves enough to get to that to that place in our life.

Amber Hawley 13:24
I love that you say that? Because I do think that’s so true for so many people. And as you were talking about what made you make the shift? Like wow, that’s a powerful why, like, I could feel that, like deeply how, how powerful that was for you. And yeah, often it’s like, I don’t want to let happen to me that like my dreams die before, you know, with me that they they’d go down with me like I want to leave this legacy. And then as you get into it, and you realize like, yeah, this, I’m enough of a reason why, but for so many women, I think it is it is a it is a good recommendation to say start with the people in your life, if that’s what you need, if you’re not in that place yet.

Amber Hawley 14:08
Like you said, if you haven’t done that healing to understand that that’s enough, because you want it because it’s important to you. I think it’s such a powerful thing to say to figure it out. Who can you do this for? Or what is that why that will drive you until you get to that place. But I also want to highlight when you have that vision, especially when you say you’ve had it since you were 13 like to have that vision since you were a child of this is what my life is going to look like. That is one of the scariest hardest things to do. Even if you have a powerful why to say I’m actually now going to let all this go everything I’ve worked for everything I’ve you know all the blood, sweat and tears that went into getting you to where you were and then shifting. That’s a really scary thing to do.

Jasmin Haley 14:55
Yeah, it was scary. Absolutely. And I don’t recommend quitting your job without a plan? Let’s just put that in there. In the show notes, okay.

Amber Hawley 15:10
Yeah, she’s like, Don’t be crazy. But actually, sometimes your body’s like, No, there’s no choice, right?

Jasmin Haley 15:18
Yeah, I had no choice. It was like four years of me like, being in that type of situation, and I had to leave. So what I did was, I leaned in on my license, I would work part time, and build my business. And when we look at, like, for me, as a speaker, you have to realize that when you’re getting visible, and you’re trying to get on stages, and you’re trying to get paid, you need to make your business and your brand or your work and how you pitch yourself undeniable. It’s got to be undeniable. And that requires you to be visible. So I had issues with that, like this podcast interview. If that was when I first started, I wouldn’t be able to listen back at myself, because I was scrutinize every single thing and say why I shouldn’t continue. So what did I do? I would do the podcast interview, and share it never listened to it again. If I was on video, I couldn’t look at it. I needed to do what I needed to do to stay focus. So some of us are in denial, we feel like oh, well, I’ll just take one more look at it. I’ll take one more look at that bad review when you have 100 good ones. But that one bad one you sit on you think about it. And and it gets you to a place where you get stuck.

Jasmin Haley 16:34
So know that the biggest enemy for us in getting visible is ourselves is our own selves. And I also was not going to wait for anyone’s permission. I knew that if I waited for someone’s permission, it would never happen. So one of the first things I started doing was writing. I could write write, I was an educator, and I use people in my network to say, Hey, I’ve got a topic. I had no talk me. Okay. I just said, Hey, you got a topic on XYZ. You interesting. They were like, Yeah, can you do it for free? Absolutely. Right. That was my first gig, right? I started writing. And then I even wrote an editor of the national magazine for my industry and said, Hey, I noticed that you have the same authors every single month, you need to improve the diversity of thought, I would love to share XYZ topic, it was brazen for me to do that. But guess what, I got a paid writing gig several of them from just pitching someone and telling them, Hey, we need to see some different leaders that are sharing their information. I started blogging and cross marketing and showing up in places that obviously I wasn’t comfortable with. I’m an introvert at heart.

Jasmin Haley 17:54
But I knew it was important for me to to go out there and share what my message is. And when someone that one person gave me an opportunity to speak, I would go and I would give them 150% Even if it was free, and every single time I showed up that way with excellence. Someone was speaking my name in a room when I wasn’t there. So for a lot of us, it just takes one. Right? But at some point, we may need to put a threshold or how many free gigs we have, right? You may need to go out there and negotiate and be a little bit more savvy. Just recently, someone contacted me and said, Hey, we heard you speak in 2019. This is a budget. I said it’s 2022.

Amber Hawley 18:46
I was like yes. And this is a money mindset talk for you all to know, of course I will.

Jasmin Haley 18:53
This is my fi I live nowhere near it’s going to take two days out of my day. This is my fi I cannot budget about it. But here’s what I can add extra that I haven’t done before. I could mark do marketing videos for you, I can custom create X, Y and Z to make this an amazing experience for your audience, which can help you bring in more individuals to your event so that they can cover my speaker’s fee. So there’s a way for us to show up and still honor ourselves. The unfortunate part for many of us is we don’t come to terms with staying committed to that. And so we dishonor ourselves by letting our kids run amok, when we try to handle business now my kids know when my doors closed, don’t come over here acting crazy, okay. Those who like little boundaries in my own therapy that I realized that I needed to start setting in my personal life, so that it could then trickle down into my professional life. One of the things you’ll learn in business is a mental, physical and spiritual journey. 100% All three of those. I think there’s a fourth one is there. I don’t know.

Amber Hawley 20:14
mental, physical, spiritual, I mean, mental, emotional, I think go together, right. So I feel like I feel like you’ve covered it. I’ve

Jasmin Haley 20:21
Yeah, it’s the trifecta all of those things. And so if you’re finding that you’re having a hard time getting visible, something on your emotional side, and may need to be taken care of, maybe there’s a false story, I had to be introduced to Brene Brown’s work for me to get over my own shame. Yes. And to get to a place of being okay with being vulnerable, not telling all my business out on the streets, but just being vulnerable in telling portions of my story that was necessary for me to go out there and make an impact?

Amber Hawley 20:56
Absolutely. Well, then I think there’s, I think healing that shame. So addressing that emotional side is often, you know, there, there’s resistance. And then, like you said, and then there’s those stories, we tell ourselves that we that keep us small. And there’s all those fears and, and shame that keep us in that place of like not feeling worthy. So it’s very hard to step up and say, it’s 2022, you got to charge 2022 prices. If you’re feeling shame, and you’re feeling like you can’t do that. It is it. All of it is so related. It’s such an important piece, right. And I do like that you started with the boundaries thing, because that to me, I mean, as a therapist, like boundaries are so important. And I do think like setting those boundaries, especially now as so many people, most people are working from home as business owners, but like setting those boundaries that in your personal life to create the space. Because if you can’t take space in your own personal life, how are you going to take space on a stage or in the business world? Right? Like when you said that? I was like, Oh, I had never thought of it that way. But 100% 100%? Yes,

Jasmin Haley 22:08
yes, absolutely. I get I’ve got a great example. We recently moved into a new home, we needed to get some rooms painted. And I inquired of a contractor to have our rooms painted. And I asked him, how much paint do we need for each of the rooms. So he broke down exactly what we needed. And I let my husband know, these are the amount of paints we we have to get for each room. So we go off into where we go and buy paint, I’m not going to say their name because they’re not sponsoring this episode. We go and get the paint and my husband who is from a Caribbean island, they he grew up with even less means than I did was like, we will need this much paint. This is too much. I said honey, but X, Y and Z contractor said, This is how much we need. We don’t need this much. I’m like, okay, cool. Whatever how many paint things you want to get? That’s totally fine, right? He’s the expert. But you know more in this particular case, than how now the paint day happens. What’s your thing happen? So as the painter, speaking to my husband, I’m leaving the house to go and drop my kids off to school. And I hear him say, Sir, this is not enough. And so I closed the door of my home smiling and walking to the car. And as I dropped the kids off, who do you think calls my husband? And he says, Honey, you’re so amazing at what you do. Okay, he starts flattering me, which he never does.

Amber Hawley 23:51
I was like, I know where this is going.

Unknown Speaker 23:54
And he says, I’m so sorry, you were right. And is there any way that you can go to this x y&z store to pick up this pain? So what did I have two options? Go get the paint or say no. Which was a boundary that was hard for me to say. Guess what I did y’all I said, No, honey, I’m sorry. I can I get the paint for you. You’ll have to accept the consequences of your own decision. But I’m headed on my way to Starbucks. And I can pick you up a cup of coffee on my way back. Okay, honey, bye bye

Amber Hawley 24:37
This is so good. This needs to be on the couples fix podcast as well because that is so hard. I think to to let our loved ones have their natural consequences. But I love that you’re like I still love you and I still will hook you up with coffee which is my love language and but holding that space of no Oh, like you made a decision, that’s not going to alter my day.

Unknown Speaker 25:03
Yes, because my day was booked to capacity. And because I’m very active in my children’s life, I only have a certain amount of time to work. So even after we’re done, I have to go pick them up and take them to their next thing during the day. So that meant that he would his decision would have impacted my entire day. And at the end of the day, I would have been resentful. So why am I telling this story, because we go into negotiation tables with individuals for our speaking gigs, for whatever it is that we’re negotiating. And we know in the heart of hearts in the pit of our belly, this particular negotiation doesn’t feel right. I’m not winning. But we take it anyway. And then we do it again. And again, and again,

Amber Hawley 25:51
and again. And again.

Unknown Speaker 25:53
Like insanity to me, right? We do it again and again and again, and we get burnt out in our business, we get resentful, and thinking, Oh, speaking will never work for me. No, there’s some decisions that are being made, there’s some boundaries that you’re setting up, there’s, there’s a lack of leveraging other’s expertise that you may not be doing, maybe you’re using all the free versus free resources on Google. At some point in time, you may need to invest so that you can learn how to show up in a more empowered way to that negotiation table. So a lot of times it shows up the difficulty within our own business in our achieving our own goals, because we haven’t even understand understood that fundamental piece of boundaries and boundaries show up in so many different ways. And that was a big lesson for me. Because I have a very, I have a high a score. And that’s an average childhood experiences. So when I learned from my own training and working with underrepresented groups, I have a public health background. And I went through a master presenter training for ACES. And they had us take this tool, which is not a diagnostic tool. But I did learn that what I’ve achieved in my life, and the fight that I had, right was because I was digging myself out of what statistically I should not be at this time, right? Statistically, I should have been somewhere so far off from where I am. So even before that 13 year old, was legacy driven? Yeah, you know, and all of that is with a lot of us have that same story a lot. And your experiences may be different. But what I’m saying is a lot of us have gone through different adversities and challenges, and yet we’ve come through, why don’t you think is going to happen again, when you show up for yourself in this way and sharing your message?

Amber Hawley 27:57
I Yeah. And I mean, I think it’s really inspiring, because as you’re saying, like you’ve you’ve dealt with a lot of adversity and you’re at, you know, I would say probably you’re not at the top of your game, because you’re still climbing, right? Like you’re still growing and doing great. But I mean, you were able to do that, because there’s something about believing in yourself, and setting those boundaries. But I do think you’re right, that when we go to negotiate, you know, whether it’s for a speaking engagement or for a client or whatever, and we continue to not to, like allow ourselves to be talked down, or to take less than we feel like we know that we should, and so it doesn’t feel like a win. That’s so reinforcing to though because then the story becomes, look, I’m not worth paying, like this person charges $5,000 to talk or $10,000 to talk. I could never do that. Because look, no one wants to pay me 1000. Right, because you’re allowing yourself to do those talks for less than that, right?

Unknown Speaker 28:58
Yeah. And you don’t you don’t trust or truly believe that if you say no, something else will come up. Yeah, nothing else will show up. Something else will show up, y’all.

Amber Hawley 29:11
Yeah. Especially if you’re showing up. Like I think that’s the thing. You’re saying you got to keep showing up?

Jasmin Haley 29:18
Absolutely. Absolutely. So for those of you who are like eliciting your fear, you’re trying to figure out like, okay, alright, Jasmine, we hear you. Alright, sounds alright. But what do I do to that, you know, the first thing is understanding, becoming firmly rooted in who you are building that confidence, right? And that journey doesn’t in my healing journey started in 2015. When I really started really considering what the heck is going on. It still took me a year to make the decision to move forward and say I’m going to do the speaking I’m going to be really serious about the speaking but the confidence has to happen. And then you need to get to a place where you curate a foundation that can grow through speaking. And what does that mean? You need to have a signature talk, right? You don’t want that every time somebody asked you to speak, you have to recreate something new. You want to stand for something. And you want to make sure that when you go out there and speak, that when people are thinking of the X, Y, and Z topic they know to call you. Right, some of us are corporate hoes, and we’re doing whatever topic anybody asks for. Yeah. And that impacts the ability for people to refer you for you to stay on top of mine. And to really create a foundation that makes sense towards your business. So if your speed, if your business is centered on making pencils, you’re not going to be talking about the electrical field. Your topics have to align with the goals that you’re setting up within your own business and brand. And it needs to be repeatable, so that you can scale that. So figure out what those what that is what makes your heart sing, what can you speak on that can reach the hearts of your audience, my programs, my methodology is called the heart methodology. Because when I would go out and I would speak, I would be speaking about topics that were not sexy at all in public health. But by the time I was gone, or I would leave out of there, people will be crying, there’ll be hugging me. You know, I wouldn’t be in Nebraska, whole places in Kansas and stuff. I was scared to death. I mean, I grew up in New York City, you know, you might be scared of New York. I was scared of cornfields. Right?

Amber Hawley 31:46
Well, that’s a valid fear. Just want to say,

Unknown Speaker 31:54
but I wouldn’t be I wouldn’t be there. And I would be afraid. can I connect with these individuals? And I can. And when you’re able to do that, it’s just a magical thing people want there are people out there that want to see you win. But you’ve got to want it for yourself first and pitch it. Pitch it every day. Yes, topics are.

Amber Hawley 32:13
That’s so key. I mean, when you say that, what strikes me as I love the corporate hose thing. But hey, and it’s it’s valid way to get make some money. But like what you’re saying it’s like even in our business, like when we have our niche, like we are the person that people go to for that thing. And I think the same thing comes up now that you say it like that, like that scarcity mindset of, well, I can’t keep talking about the same thing, because then like, who else is going to hire me, right? But when I think about that, I think about I have a friend who puts on really big events. And she has hired like top top keynotes like, and I’m not going to name a name because they are also not sponsoring this podcast, but but this person gets paid $100,000, a keynote. And they literally do not change that keynote. Now, granted, they are at a different, you know, Echelon in business, but it’s the same principle of he’s hired because he’s known for that. And so and that’s what people are wanting. And there are so many organizations and events and people out there that need to hear that topic or that information. And so that can be really powerful. Right? So I love that idea. Like, there’s a lot of validity and having that signature talk and not feeling like oh, I’ve got to do more, I’ve got to vary it up.

Jasmin Haley 33:37
Because otherwise, I will I be hireable please don’t I mean, and the thing is, is like I’ve had I have multiple topics, but it’s aligned with my story. And the work that I do, it’s still in alignment, I don’t have 1500 different options. Because you have to think about speaking just like a regular business, you have too many options. People are not going to choose, they’re just not going to chew, they’re gonna get confused. And nobody has time event organizers get hundreds of applications, they get hundreds of considerations. And a lot of times, many of the ones that they choose are ones that they’ve built relationships with ones that have a very clear defined objective of what it is that they do. And I want you to know that whether you’re getting paid 100k 30k 10k 15k You still rinse and repeating a topic, you’ll just customize it towards the needs of that particular audience. But we want to stop the hamster wheel of spinning out of control and understand that, just like with speaking, it’s still a business I had I just posted today about an example of someone that started a brick and mortar business on with soap, and the only two questions they were concerned about when they did decided to get a advice from another business owner was, how much should I charge for this soap? And where did the people where? Where can I find the people that will buy it? That’s the only two questions that they’re concerned about.

Jasmin Haley 35:14
Now, that’s a concern for any business owner, because we know that there’s multiple facets needed to run a business, there’s operations, there’s teams, there’s marketing is so many different aspects. And it’s in the reason why I share that is, when we look at speaking, most people are only concerned about how much should I charge for my speaking? And where can I find paid speaking gigs, they’re not concerned about how well their topic is or how engaging it is. They’re not concerned about the operations, the systems they have set in place to even nurture more leads and make more money. They aren’t concerned about nothing else. But how much how much money can I make? And what else did I say? Where to find where to

Amber Hawley 35:58
find engagements?

Unknown Speaker 36:01
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that same question over and over again. And so when I asked him what what is your foundation, like, they’re like, I don’t need a coach, I just need to know where to find a paid speaking gigs. I’m going to tell you this, okay, because I’ve been on the end of choosing speakers for events, whether it be national, or statewise. And I’ve also been on the other side of applying to speak or being chosen to speak, we talk. Yeah, or by talk, okay. And if you bomb that presentation, it can be very difficult in your industry to continue and move forward. Yeah, so I’m sharing that not to say that we’re not allowed to grow. As speakers. We’re not expecting perfection. But if you really want to make this a viable option in your business, take the time to look at how well you’re giving your program to your people. The topic that you’re doing isn’t isn’t aligned, are you even set up to really maximize it in the way that you desire. So that eventually you can get to a place of speaking, recording it, and then selling it and licensing out your content. And then you’re sitting on a beach somewhere, enjoying your family. And your content that you’ve worked so hard to set up a foundation for is making money for you, as you enjoy life.

Amber Hawley 37:32
I love that. I love that. Yeah, and I think the other part of that is when you get to that place, when you’re really ready, and you do invest in yourself to figure out that foundation and those systems and, you know, work on all the mindset stuff and get that clarity. I think that too, is something that gives you that confidence. It’s like I always say this, when I see business owners who are willing to invest in their business and in themselves and their their own personal growth. Like they they’re the ones that start actually like doubling their money or tripling their money or really growing because they understand what it takes like then. So then it’s like, well, of course I’m gonna charge this right. Like I think it even just builds that confidence of I’m willing to pay this. Of course, I’m going to charge this. Yeah,

Jasmin Haley 38:23
yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And that was the only way I could grow. So I did it on my own for a little bit. And then I got assistance. I got assistance. To what just understand what are the possibilities for me? Because if you don’t know, then you continue to say all Yeah, I’ll take that $500 Or I’ll take that $250. And when those dust bunnies are running up in your bank account is not a good look.

Amber Hawley 38:55
Yes, we were that stressed out if we’re that stressed out, it’s very hard then to feel inspiring, and to, to continue to put ourselves out there because all that doubt creeps into right. So I think that’s the hard place. That’s why I do like that you said you continue to work part time here and there. Because I do think it when we put that much pressure on ourselves. If it’s that stressful and you’re that overwhelmed. It is very hard to show up with, like the right mindset and attitude. And so setting yourself up for success,

Unknown Speaker 39:27
right? Absolutely. Absolutely. And right now I’m completely full time but it was not like that when I first started. Yeah. And when I decided to pivot my business out of the healthcare industry and focus more on business consulting, I went and got myself a j ob. Okay, I got a job y’all. And I went back into education full time to give me some cushion as I was building out the new work that I was doing. So don’t don’t have any shame with that. Okay, we’re not looking at the people About a posting online with the benzos. And, you know, they’re in Bali, whatever, like we all know that people make accounts is looking crazy. Yeah, absolutely.

Amber Hawley 40:11
They took one weekend in Bali and took all those pictures.

Unknown Speaker 40:18
Exactly, you know, do whatever you have to do to support yourself in this in this journey, and it’s going to be worth it. Because when you decide to show up and you share your story, and then you hear from the people, I remember the first time I gave a keynote, I had started off with continuing education courses that were two to three hours in length. And I remember my first keynote, which was about 30 minutes, so So I got a standing ovation when it was finished, it was over 300 people that were there. And I was trembling, because I wound up telling my burnout story, and talking about my mom and no one had known what I had gone through. There are people that are waiting to hear your story right now, there are people that need to hear your story to just know it’s possible for them to be able to live a more joyful, and fulfilling life, whatever that may be, whether it is them as a clinician helping others, whether it be you know, through your motivational talk them helping themselves, whatever it is, whatever you’re sharing is enhancing someone’s life is cause it’s creating transformation. And so know that, you know, even if there may be other speakers out there, they’re speaking on that very same topic. Your story needs to still be out there. Yeah,

Amber Hawley 41:37
I love everything about that. And I really appreciate you mentioning that. When you as you pivot and transition again, that you got a job because that’s the thing that nobody talks about. And they do feel shame, like because I’ve, you know, worked with people who’ve decided, like, I think I need to go back and start working for someone else again, you know, even if it’s temporarily, because they’re feeling so much money pressure, and people feel like, Oh, that makes me a failure. And I’m like, No, that’s art because you got to live, right? Like you have to do that. And like you said, nobody’s showing that we only see the stories of people who are living the highlife, you know, the baller life. And it’s like, I’m all about sustainability. Like, we need to create this sustainability for our lives. Because, you know, yes, we want I’m super driven into business, but the business should be supporting our life. Right? We don’t give our life to support our business. So we need to have that sustainability. So I like that. I just think it’s so important for people to hear that from successful people. Like, Hey, I was willing to, to do this, to have that foundation. Because it when you’re that stressed out, it’s it’s really, it becomes so hard, I think. Yeah, terrible.

Unknown Speaker 42:54
Yes. You know, it impacts how you negotiate. You’ll make and you’ll dishonor yourself so quickly for just a dime, and horse. It’s,

Amber Hawley 43:03
and you’ll be like, Well, I’m hustling, quote unquote, is for those of you who are listening, like, quote, unquote, I’m hustling, I gotta hustle.

Jasmin Haley 43:11
Yeah, and I’ve taken I’ve taken gigs that were less than my speaker, speakers fee, but I have a purpose. So if I know that they may be speaking for my ideal client, wonderful. If I know I can get marketing collateral photos of me, video of me, I would take it right there, there has you. There’s, I’m not saying I’m not setting a rule or setting in stone that everybody has to, you have to say no to every single thing unless it comes in with this particular criteria. But just know that if you are flexible, right, you can find opportunities that can be leveraged into other amazing work that you could eventually do. But just make sure when you tap into the most powerful tool that we have, which is our own intuition, and checking in within ourselves, could this is this in alignment with where I want to be in my business, and in my life? For me, I take off two months out of the year, because it’s important for me to rest as a mental health warrior. I need to rest. Yeah, so that means that whenever I’m looking at any opportunity, or I’m negotiating, I am facing that up against the values that I’ve set as how I want to show up in my business and in my life. Sometimes you just got to pause for people pleasers, they’ll say yes right away. To go to sleep. We know you’re not going to sleep. You don’t have to sit up all night worrying about it. Worrying about all the hypotheticals mitigating every risk. I’ll come back to you just give me 24 hours so that you can just sit on it for a little bit. Yes. Or you say yes, because sometimes we say yes to things that we know good and well, we should not have said yes to

Amber Hawley 44:57
100% Yes, that’s the best strategy taking that space taking, saying, Let me get back to you, that is giving yourself that space is so important. And like you said, it’s about, it’s about being intentional, like you’re being discerning. So you’re gonna say, okay, yes, this isn’t the money I was looking for. But here’s all the things that genuinely, you know, like, would give me value. And I know people that charge a lot for speaking, but they’ve done free gigs when they know all of their ideal client and making so much more money than the speaking fee would have been right. Like, there are so many reasons to do things. And so yeah, using discernment and and if you take that space, you take that day, and you need it. This is where I love biz besties like having your your people your squad that you can kind of say, Okay, this is what’s going on. And here’s why I’m thinking about it. And they’re giving you you know, they’re going to be those people, too, that can help support you from low balling yourself or accepting something that doesn’t really serve you.

Unknown Speaker 45:58
Yes, yes, absolutely. So I love

Amber Hawley 46:01
that I love that. Well, I this time went really fast. I can’t believe I’m like, wow, how is it five is the hour. You know, I know right now we’ve been talking in this episode was going to be coming out really soon. So you are you’ve been doing a tour, I call it doing these, like pop up one day events all around the country. So maybe you could share a little bit more about that, as that is going on? And where else can people find you or get more of your amazingness?

Unknown Speaker 46:32
Yeah, so you can find me at I’m a jasmin without an E. And I have this amazing legacy speaker Live Tour. For people who kind of just want to dabble in, they want to create a signature talk, they want to refine their presentation skills, they want to learn how to monetize that one signature program, they may not be fully ready for the ultimate speaker experience that we offer our clients. But they want to just start off with a foundation to get started right, and to get the clarity that’s needed. And so I created a legacy speaker Live tour and we’re visiting four cities, we’ve already visited Charlotte, we’re on our way to Chicago, San Diego in New York City. And the results from just our first event was phenomenal. One of our ladies that was in attendance had been training and speaking for years over a decade. And she used the abstract that we created and some of the strategy to close the biggest consulting contract she’s ever done in her years of training. And a lot of times, we just need someone to come in into our business with a bird’s eye view and point us in a direction that we may not be able to see. And that’s what’s so special about this. So if you’re interested in finding out information, you can go to And for those that want to ask yourself some important questions about your own profitability. And in your speaking, I have a free tool called the profitable speaker roadmap and ask some important questions as you look at your competence as you look at your systems as you look at creating an amplifier in your voice. And you can find that at and scroll down you’ll see the profitable speaker roadmap there.

Amber Hawley 48:16
Oh, I love it. And we’ll have all of those links in the show notes for you. So if you’re driving or something else, you can head on over there and get that. Thank you so much, Jasmine for sharing your story and all of your wisdom. And yeah, I’m telling you people, you gotta go go do one of the events for sure, for sure.

Jasmin Haley 48:36
Thanks for having me.

Amber Hawley 48:38
Thank you so much.

Jasmin Haley 48:39
Thank you

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