Are you looking for some brilliant networking ideas from a master networker? Ramon Ray is not only the king of social media he is a networking genius. Amber and Maelisa have met Ramon at several conferences and have gleaned so much from his expert advice that they knew they had to have him share his networking ideas with everyone. Ray works with big brands but also helps small business owners connect. Although Ray is a people person and a natural networker he also has brilliant tidbits for those who don’t come to networking naturally. 

How does Ramon integrate networking into everyday life?

Ramon realizes that networking is important for so many reasons but the most important aspect of networking is the opportunities it brings. Ramon is a people person and a natural extrovert. He always has a friendly word for construction workers, Uber drivers, or grocery store clerks. He introduces himself and asks a question. Ramon is always interested in making an authentic connection. At business events, he tries to see how he can help others. You never know who you’re going to meet. 


Do you utilize all of your networking resources to their fullest potential?

If you are a member of a chamber of commerce or some other business organization you must network there. That is the whole point of the organization. It’s not simply to listen to people speak. At a business event, you need to get out and meet people. Think about how you can help them, rather than about how they can help you. When Ramon meets someone new he starts with himself, he shares why he is there and then asks them their why. Always go back to the why. Why are you there? Are you adding value? 

How does he decide which opportunities to invest his time in?

Ramon is a yes man. He likes to say yes but he needs to look at things thoughtfully and consider if it is worth his time. He enjoys volunteering and helping others. Since he doesn’t do coaching or work with individuals he considers his speaking engagements carefully. He needs to find the value in it. Ramon always tries to work from a status of abundance. How do you choose to invest your time? Do you consider the value?

8 small business networking tips

  1. Just start. You can do this but you have to start first.

  2. Be yourself. You can’t be anyone else.

  3. Know your why. Think about why you’re doing this.

  4. Think about how you can help someone else.

  5. Be in the right place. The closer you are to being in the right pool of people that can help you the better off you’ll be.

  6. Be memorable.

  7. Practice where the stakes aren’t too high

  8. You will be disappointed, you will fail. People will ignore you. (And that’s ok!)

In this episode…

  • [3:42] Networking is an art and a science

  • [10:37] How is networking at a conference different than in everyday life?

  • [14:25] How does he decide which opportunities to invest his time in?

  • [19:02] How does his networking affect his business?

  • [24:20] How does he follow up with people he meets at events?

  • [33:16] Tips for those having a hard time with networking

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