As promised, here is the first of your two Bonus Biz Bestie episodes! It’s time to go a little deeper into our personal business stories so you, our community, have a great idea of where we are coming from. Up to the plate first is our own Dr. Maelisa Hall, who is sharing all of her various business ventures from Beanie Babies to private practice. 

Maelisa is sharing her story today with the hope that you will see her path is not a linear one. She tried many different things before figuring out entrepreneurship was the way she wanted to go. You will hear how she discovered she was good at training other therapists, and how a business was born from there. You’ll understand the training it took to get her to the sweet spot she loves today, and why community made all the difference. 

I purposefully sought out job opportunities so I could pursue this business.


Above all, do more of what you enjoy and what fires you up. Focus your energy there. Maelisa figured out what worked for her, and you can too! Just make sure you have your Biz Bestie on your side. 

More in this episode: 

  • Maelisa started out in the Beanie Baby Business.

  • Private practice owners began to see Maelisa as a resource.

  • How Maelisa bit the bullet and started her business.

  • Why business coaching and boot camp was perfect for Maelisa’s next steps.

  • Discovering what is unique about herself helped develop a brand.

  • Having a business and working full time was a struggle at first.

  • Energy was getting spread too thin, so Maelisa quit her private practice around the same time the podcast started.

  • Trying things out and realizing it doesn’t work for you is not a failure.

  • What keeps Maelisa going now!