Welcome back to another bonus episode of My Biz Bestie. Today is all about Amber Hawley, multi-passionate business owner, wife, and mother. Amber didn’t start out life wanting to own her own business, but over time she determined she had just the skills necessary to make it as an entrepreneur. I think we can all agree she’s currently crushing it. 

Amber is going to share some stories you will not believe. Want to know the story of how she moved to California on a whim? How about the time she launched her own group practice while also having children? If Amber sets her mind to it, she will follow it through! We know you will learn a lot from the decisions and journeys Amber has made as she is finding her way in business.

Things, in theory, aren’t as scary and unbearable than they are in reality.


What is great about Amber’s story is that it wasn’t a clear-cut trajectory. Like most of us, Amber has been figuring things out as she goes along, trusting the advice and wisdom of friends and coaches, and also trusting her own intuition. Once again, it’s time for you to know your business bestie just a bit better! You’ll be happy you did! 

More in this episode: 

  • Amber hasn’t always felt like an entrepreneur, but it certainly suits her.

  • How Amber developed her work ethic out of practicality.

  • The great story of how Amber got to California.

  • Learn why Amber decided to get into therapy initially.

  • Even though she wasn’t interested in a group practice, Amber still learned the wisdom of delegating.

  • How Amber managed to grow her business so quickly.

  • Why Amber loves online business but had a hard time launching them.

  • Pushing through burnout, and now turning towards ease