What would it be like to start everyday fired up about achieving your long-term goals…Instead of getting overwhelmed about having to put out everyone else’s fires?

You’re ambitious. A go-getter. The kind of person who works through lunch, stays up late to help your kid with their homework, and gets up early the next day to prep for that huge client meeting.

But, we all know burning the candle at both ends inevitably catches up with you. (You’ve been there, right?) 

My Biz Bestie was created for you, if:

You’re exhausted and teetering on the edge of burnout.

Between your business and personal life no matter how much work you do it feels like the To Do list just keeps growing. Figuring out where to start feels like a Herculean task in and of itself. You’re so stuck in the daily grind that you have no time to take a step back and figure out the big picture.

You’re unable to relax and stress is taking a toll on your relationships.

Perhaps you’ve resorted to regularly giving your partner the silent treatment over small fights or withholding emotionally in other areas. No matter what you do, nothing seems to change.

You’ve tried to recruit help with little to no success.

Maybe you hired an assistant to free yourself up to focus on other priorities…only to have them let you down (or it took so long to train them that resorted back to doing it yourself). Part of you knows you can’t do it all, but it’s so hard to hand stuff off to other people.


Here’s the truth:

You can’t possibly muster up the energy to make positive change when you’re already emotionally/physically/psychologically spent.

Because I get how important your business is to you.

I was once just like you: stressed, overworked, and frayed at the edges like a live wire. Trying to be good at everything all at once left me irritable, exhausted, and supremely unproductive. Learning to slow down and take care of myself meant taking a long hard look at how I was working and living. I worked diligently to create new habits that stopped the cycle of overwhelm, resulting in the growth of my (multiple) businesses while staying sane!

Because I’m not your regular business coach.

After holding senior positions in corporate marketing, I founded a thriving therapy practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. With me, you’ll have both my business know-how and my psychological training in your back pocket. From streamlined systems to marketing psychology to the secrets to effective communication…we’ll cover them all in a way that is personalized for your specific needs.

You don’t need to work yourself to death to achieve your goals.

I know from my own personal journey that you can escape overwhelm and finally expand your business, your impact, and your profits.

Here’s How I Can Help

My name is Amber Hawley. I teach overwhelmed overachievers (like you) how to start and sustain new habits that prevent burnout and increase satisfaction, profitability, and overall happiness. That might look like:

  • Strategically growing your business so it fills you up (instead of depleting you).
  • Restructuring your work and personal life to play to your strengths.
  • Finally gaining clarity on what you need to do (and how to get it done).
  • Having more time for yourself, and with your loved ones, when you need it.

When I started my career, I worked in Marketing and then Internet Operations before becoming a licensed therapist. Working in Silicon Valley first in tech and then as a therapist meant that I got to work with really high-achieving professionals and got to see “behind the scenes” the toll the pressures and expectations can have on people.

As an ADHD, type-A, gen X, Midwest work ethic, perfectionist I understand the struggle. I’ve been in burnout and it can be a long road back. I’ve grown my group practice & launched a successful business/podcast coaching entrepreneurs.

I use my tech background, psychological training, 10+ years of business growing to support you in creating the business and life you dreamed about when you started your business.

Now I get to blend my passion for helping people with business and marketing strategy! Is there really anything better?!?

My Biz Bestie is a podcast focused on supporting you with the emotional side of business, sharing ways of connecting with other entrepreneurs, how to set up the life and biz you actually want, discussing mindset, strategy and resources all while having more fun.

And since I’m an ENFP, I genuinely want to connect with you!

Click here to drop me a line and tell me what you think about the podcast. I love feedback and want to know how the podcast can help you most.