Today I have a little story about change, getting unstuck and doing scary things. 

If you have been a longtime listener to the podcast you may have noticed that episodes haven’t really been coming out since the change of Maelisa leaving the podcast last year. Like many of you the last year has brought so many changes, struggles and losses. And to top it off my bandwidth was at an all-time low.

You Can Do Scary Things


Given all of that, I was excited about the opportunities to do what I had always wanted to do and serve business owners by helping them with the emotional side of business. Working on burnout, overwhelm, mindset and ADHD to name a few. I actually went back to the website content, I had created 5 years ago (but was no longer up) and a plan for a membership that I spent a whole day creating in 2016 and filed away.


I made plans, recorded some podcast episodes and sat on them. As someone who is a “doer” it was a weird self- imposed limbo. Like it happens with so many business owners, I just kind of obsessed about my plans, my goals and what was keeping me from truly moving forward.


Meanwhile I hired support to get my systems together, but still I resisted putting stuff out there.  I was making it sooo hard. I realized that if I was going to move forward I had to make everything easy. This is sometimes at odds with my perfectionistic, type A ways but I knew I didn’t have it in me to do it if it felt hard. So I found the easiest software to host my membership and did a small soft launch to a small list and finally launched the Inner Circle for ADHD and ADHD-ish biz owners. It was so energizing and I was having a blast. I needed to remove any barriers and as Chris Krimitsos says in his book Start Ugly, I just needed to put it out there.


It has been great. It actually gave me energy and focus to get other things done. I had momentum again. Weirdly though as much as I love the podcast I still had resistance there. I’ve been doing the work every week and feeling creative everywhere except for the podcast. I can see now that I was putting up barriers and excuses and making something I loved doing really hard and therefore triggering all my perfectionist self-talk. It was painful.


I was catching up with my friend Carol Cox after her summit in April and filling her in on what I was up to. I told her about the membership, the types of clients I was working with and the book I was writing and she stopped me and said. I think that should be the name of your podcast. It was one of those moments that someone says something to you and you immediately have a physical reaction.


I felt a rush of energy that started in my stomach and went up to my face. I sat quietly for a moment with a swirl of thoughts in my head that ranged from no way, I’ve spent over three years building a brand that I love, that would be so much work AND OMG that is the scariest and greatest idea EVER. I spent a few minutes talking about all work that would need to be done as I was just finishing up a rebrand/refresh for My Biz Bestie (that wasn’t even finished) and yet even as I talked I knew it was happening. I was scar/cited.


I spent the next couple of months figuring out all the things and working behind the scenes on the name change, the new website and all the things that needed to be changed/updated.


So I’m excited to announce the name change of the podcast to
The Easily Distracted Entrepreneur.


I knew it was right because it was in alignment with the work I was already doing. What I have come to appreciate is that the more in alignment the work and messaging that I’m doing the more ease and clarity there was for me and my clients.


As for the podcast itself, I feel it is a small shift of the lens of which I make choices on what content would be most useful to those of us badass, high-achieving and sometimes easily distracted biz owners who want more joy in their business and life.


My hope is that you will find this shift offers more insight, solutions and support in your entrepreneurial journey and I thank all of you who have been with me from the beginning. Starting next week, the podcast will have its new name, website and episodes all aimed at helping you stop suffering for success.


The Inner Circle

a unique membership for ADHD {and ADHD-ish} biz owners who live in Distraction City, with shiny object syndrome, and live life with other tendencies that keep us from doing our best work.

You want a sustainable life. A work/home/school/family stability that WORKS, functions on good habits, systems, and approaches that set us up for immeasurable success both personally and professionally.

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