Helping high-achieving, easily distracted entrepreneurs with mindset & strategies to stop suffering for success.

Here is the
perfect recipe:

Take one super smart, type A go-getter with talent and a dream to start your own business.
Add in the likelihood that you’ll have to boot-strap, wear 40 hats, side-hustle for a minute and #doallthethings.
You then start really making it happen and are growing your biz, but feel like you have too much to do and it overwhelming. It’s hard to stay focused, be consistent, have the downtime & profitability you crave.
You might wake up feeling stressed and behind or just feel like you are not reaching your potential as a biz owner.
Reality is these struggles are common but don’t have to be a way of life. Stress, burnout, dropping the Ball doesn’t mean you are a bad business owner or that there is something wrong with you. Life can be hard, you will have bad days, success does not make you exempt but when the “bad days” become the norm, we need to make changes or in my experience it just gets worse.

The Easily Distracted Entrepreneur Podcast

The Easily Distracted Entrepreneur offers business owners support for the emotional side of business. The host Amber Hawley is a licensed therapist, multiple biz owner and former tech industry drop out who works with high-achieving, easily distracted entrepreneurs with mindset & strategies to stop suffering for success.

With a mix of psychology, strategy and support (that only a bestie can give), The podcast formally known as My Biz Bestie aims to make the entrepreneurial journey less lonely and a lot more fun!

We cover everything from burnout, overwhelm, ADHD, and use strategies to have more ease and success in your business by taking neurodiversity, brain biases and over 14 years of clinical experience working with business owners, executives, and professionals in Silicon Valley. 

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Tired of feeling tired, run down,
and behind on all the things?

You need to be part of The Inner Circle!


  • Had the support and accountability you needed to control your ADHD?

  • Knew what to put in place to get your good habits back on track and your bad habits out the door for good?

  • Woke up NOT feeling behind?

  • Felt confident in what you were going to achieve in your business in 2024?

  • And actually had space for the things that matter to you?

You’d finally breathe again, wouldn’t you. 

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