The GSD (Get Sh*t Done) Tribe

The GSD (Get Sh*t Done) Tribe

It’s like having your very own team of experts that every small business owner or entrepreneur needs combined with focused, manageable action plans and accountability check ins! Each month is dedicated to a different area of business that need TLC, sprucing or outright attention.

Monthly themes include:
HR, Legal, Finances, Goal Setting, Marketing/Sales, Streamlining, Boundaries/Relationships, Leadership, Paperwork/Clutter, Website, Technology, Social Media, etc…

The program consists of:

  • Video lesson – about why/what/how for the theme
  • Weekly email with action item/exercise and accountability check in
  • Downloadable checklist of what to address for the month
  • Additional resources/hacks (apps, additional reading, blogs, etc..)
  • Bonus expert interviews with people whose specialty fits the theme


The GSD Tribe will launch in spring of 2017 to get on the inner circle launch list sign up here!